New Struggle

Been struggling with alcoholism for years. I was a little over 1 year sober and I let it all go down. Made same old mistakes. The guilt and shame are driving me insane. I am about to lost the love of my life, my wife and kids are tired of my desease. I have now been sober for short 3 days it feels good but also the instant gratification that my sickness wants is getting me to think it’s not worth it.


I’m sorry you’re struggling I know how difficult the first couple weeks are. What can you do to get through tonight or today? Be realistic about that drink. What is that drink really going to do? Because if you’re like me … it wants to tell me that it’s going to be awesome and relax me But one drink is guaranteed to take me on a binge that could last two weeks or six months regardless …it will ruin everything. And interfere with everything that matters. And take me right back to the hospital. You can do this by doing exactly what you’re doing and reaching out. Maybe try to go to a meeting. You can look that up online and they’re all over the United States I’m not sure if you’re in a different country but I believe it’s everywhere. Try to stay busy. If you have to stay on the phone all night and call people or reach out on here it’s better than getting drunk

Also welcome to the community this place is really cool and there is so much information and help and there is also some just for fun threads


Thanks. I did. I went to 2 meetings today and I’m about to join an online session. I’m in Florida BTW and yes this place looks pretty cool.
I know that if I take that first drink it will only make everything worse.


Yet, you know it absolutely is worth it. You can beat that thinking!!