New struggles every day

Okay, 485 days are a lot of, but 35 years of toxing and abusing leave habbits. I have no choice, thx when this day gets over. For today no pills ,drinks…i,m fighting my demons today.


Hi @Rocky20 ….we’re fighting with you! No matter how many good numbers behind us it doesn’t change the hard, but those numbers represent everyday of growth you have obtained through very hard self-reflective work.

Pin those demons down…they don’t own you anymore!

I’m proud of the progress you have made…whatever is happening acknowledge it for what it is, and then let it go.

If you have to go to a meeting go…online or in person. If you need to walk…walk till you can’t walk anymore. If you have to scream…damn it scream!

Your demons will always try to creep in, but now you know when their there….you can sense them before they take hold.

You have the power now…never let them/it take that from you!

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Thank you so much!! I try to distrect thoughts…

That’s exactly what you should do…what’s going on in your day/world that is allowing the creep to surface?

If you don’t want to share it’s ok, but maybe talking through it will be the distraction you need.

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I walked …and walk on…you made it ! THX

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You’re welcome…keep doing that, and if you ever wanna talk I’m here. We’re all here.


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