New to being sober but been on here for 11 months

Hi would like to tell my story I have been on here almost a year now I’m 33 have two kids I have always used alcohol as exscape from severe health anxiety I take my blood preassure 100 times a day or feel like I have some sort of illness I have notice in the past with my drinking habbits my anxiety calms down if I do not drink for a long period of times when I drink my anxiety is 1000 times worse I work and can hold a hob I usually would start drinking when my hubby comes home from work like around 530 pm and drink until 9 or so I would drink between 5 to 8 shots of whiskey 6 days a week I have now been sober in a couple hours 8 days my blood pressure is going down and my anxiety is getting better I didn’t have to much withdrawal in the first days just bad anxiety and just didn’t want to move., I have been reading all your stories and I feel this is a great group to be in thanks for sharing your stories


@helen hi there :slight_smile: I’m new here too. Just wanted to say I can relate. I drink to curb my anxiety but it always comes back 100x worse. I also have two kiddos. Hang in there. :heart:


Welcome @helen thank you for sharing and opening up

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Hi there. I’m also new here and normally drink heavily on weekends only. Since my use of alcohol is creating problems in my family and financially, I’ve decided that I no longer want to drink alcohol anymore. My craving for alcohol starts when I’m just about to knock off work on a Friday. Mondays I always regret even leaving my house to have a drink. I’m worried that if I carry on this way, I will loose my family or they will loose me due to drunk driving or someone else will loose a life due to me being irresponsible. This forum has been Breen very helpful to me thus and I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in this.


Welcome @Mzondi


Hi @helen and thanks for sharing your story. I have hope for you and your sobriety! Keep us updated.

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Glad you’re here, @helen! I have 5 kids and 51 days sober. I also struggle with anxiety and depression, which made taking the first steps toward sobriety extra challenging!

Please feel free to reach out anytime :heart: