New to sobriety and confused

I’m new here, its been 22 days of sobriety but i still havent told anyone that i’m doing this.
I’ve admitted to myself that i have a problem but i’m having trouble finding a way to tell my family, friends, or significant other. I dont think anyone realized how much i was really drinking. I’m just making excuses not to have a drink, mostly diet and isolating myself because its easier when i’m alone.
This has me questioning if i truly do have a problem?


Welcome to Sober Time @Nicole_ann. Continue reading the many, MANY post’s that people from all around the :earth_americas: post on here and you’ll see for yourself the answer to your question.
When I first realised that I had a problem, drinking, I thought to myself that I can easily control it. That it was just a phase. Fast forward a few years down the line and I came to the realization that I just had a damn problem and I needed to get a grip on it because if I didn’t, I was going to either end up in jail, destitute or dead.
I told my older sister about it and she took me to the hospital and from there, I went to a Rehab for a couple of weeks. My mother was mad at first but she quickly understood (after my sister’s and father explained to her) what I was doing and accepted it. I wouldn’t have cared if she didn’t though because I knew I was at my wits end and that I needed to change for Myself. I didn’t do it for anyone else but Me.
After I told my family a took me around 3 Months to be more open about my Sobriety with friends. Now, I’m completely comfortable with telling people that I don’t even know (when they ask me if I want to drink).
Reflect on this for a minute @Nicole_ann. I have a feeling you know the answer to your question at the end of your introduction. There is absolutely no shame in admitting to yourself that you have a problem. Is it within you to get a grip on yourself, Now? Yes, it is.

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Typically “normal” drinkers don’t question their drinking. Living an alcohol free lifestyle is actually pretty amazing… I’ve never woke up in the morning and thought “I wish i drank last night”.

If you open up to loved ones about your struggles it will free you. I know that it is a scary step to take so do that in your own time. Addiction thrives in secrecy. Welcome and congrats on 22 days


The old saying is, if you think you have a problem, you probably do.

And problem or not, however you want to label it – if it’s negatively impacting your life, then that’s all the reason you need to stop. You don’t need anyones approval, or a diagnosis, or a catastrophic event. If its harmful for you, then that’s enough.

I wouldn’t stress too much about when you tell this to the other people in your life. It’s a very personal decision and the right time is when you feel comfortable doing so. I will say that in my experience, people were more accepting and understanding than I had anticipated. Most people don’t (and shouldn’t) care that you don’t drink.



It took me 10 days to tell my wife about this app and that I was actually getting support and I didn’t want to drink anymore. I actually lied to her and told her I was on Twitter. Right then and there after that lie I knew I had to come clean. Lying is not part of recovery. A few days after I told the kids.

I wasn’t sure if I was an alcoholic after 45 years of drinking. I’m still not sure to be honest. But telling my wife and kids what I am doing was the most freeing thing in the world. What a load off.
I love not drinking.