New to the app

Hey new to this app gonna give it a go looks pretty lame so far :v:

**Gav, welcome! We are glad you’re here. Everyone who has a problem, might have a problem, or someone else says they have a problem with drinking or drugs, is welcome. The lamer the better too! Shit, the terminally unique, cool, and plain skeptical are just as welcome. We have them all here. Find your comfort group here and use them. Don’t let differences keep you from the simillarieties and gaining what the site may have for you. **
And imo…the site is full of much cooler people than say…jail. Or an AA meeting. Just kidding!!!..
mayyyyybe. Let’s see Who gets bent on that eh. I hope no ine, since this site is for people who have a myriad of different support groups and beliefs…And I love AA meetings! :angel:

:joy: Give it a chance!

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Welcome to the group dude! If you (like many of us) suffer from an addiction, then as you progress in recovery the app may seem less and less lame! Some stories are inspiring and it’s extremely gratifying to contribute to someone else in their own time of need! I hope you come to enjoy our company!

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