New to the group! Day 2

Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself.

On day 2 of being sober, my husband is also going ‘teetotal’ (he doesn’t have an addiction though).

The afternoons seem hard, the mornings feel fantastic. This is it now, no going back!

Does anyone have any good ideas for additional support? I’d struggle to get to meets as I have a family and my husband works long hours.

Look forward to meeting you all xx

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Take the kiddos. It’s a family disease so it can be a family recovery. We always have squirts running around the meeting hall.

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Hi EnglishD! It’s more that I don’t feel comfortable bringing them as they are very young, and I struggle in the supermarket with them, let alone in a meeting I would want to focus on :laughing: I’m hoping to find one online! Xx

It’s up to you obviously, but I just want to make sure that you know that it’s possible. We have baby Ella at our 530 meeting. She just turned 6 months old yesterday. She’s kinda like our group mascot. We all take turns holding her and taking her outside if she gets fussy. I’m sure group members around you would be willing to do the same. Sober people make good babysitters.


Welcome! Congrats on day 2!!! :slight_smile:

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I’m on Day 2(again). Welcome! And thank you to everyone else on here.

My boyfriend really wants me to quit drinking, more than I do. Even though I agree it is so bad for me, I am an alcoholic.

Love you all, let’s stay strong together


Hi everyone. I’m on day 2 (again) but each time I relapse it gets harder to stop. I’m really hoping this time I’ll pull through. I was clean for 5 years so I’ll tell you what helped me. Doing things that were more fun and interesting than drugs and drinking. I started going to sports gatherings. Started learning new skills going to clsses for anything that interested me like sewing and jewelry making. Started excersizing which would leav me so tired in the afternoins that I would budt want to sleep instead of being up all night using. I’m trying to get back into these habbits because they are what helped me last time. Wish me luck!


Good luck!

Welcome. There are telephone and video meeting. Video at In the Rooms and they probably have phone meetings listed online.