New too this not new to drink

I was rushed to hospital tuesday evening . Chest pains and the typical signs of heart attack . Results were better than I thought. Enlarged liver ,infection to most of my internal organs. Blood pressure 256 over 126

Age 62 i have drunk in excess of 150 units per week for the best part of 35 years.

Two bottles of wine everyday then i go out to drink. Some days are bad

I know what i have done . I always new what i was doing but perhaps i did not care . My daughters are now helping . My partner is worried i have loved ones . Can i kick this into touch its been a long long time. I have often drunk to die. Tge doctors told me liver drsease not a good way to go .

So not a drink since monday evening . Feel awfull on medication . Need to get away tomorrow ned to think hatd


Welcome mate, and congrats on the decision to stop.
And joining here is a good start. Visit daily, it keeps you focussed and motivated and lots of experience here to help you through this :+1:


Welcome @Graham1957 well done on making the first steps towards your sobriety, I’m sorry you have not been well. I hope you start to feel better now that you have stopped drinking. Stick around here, it’s a really supportive, safe and friendly place and there is so much very good advice if and when needed and if you need a cheer up try the meme wars thread. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Be kind to yourself buddy :two_hearts::pray:t2:x

Hey Graham, really glad you’re here. I come from a family of alcoholics…some stopped old…some stopped young…some didn’t stop. The ones that stopped, no matter how old, know that it was the best decision of their lives and are reaping the benefits of it. We can’t undo what we have done, but we have complete agency over what we will do. Your strength and honesty is clear. I’m looking forward to getting to know you on here💛


Glad your here. I hope you get the help you need and that you feel better. Prayers for a good recovery.

Congrats Graham I too come from a family background of alcohol abuse I tried inpatient 2015 stayed sober 10 months. This time was different I was depressed, full of anxiety and just sick and tired of being sick and tired so I was referred by my primary doctor to a day detox program 9-5 everyday. Urine test every morning then my medication and therapy. I have never felt better and you will too today is 27th day clean. God bless you, keep your loved ones close and love yourself you can do it Even broken crayons still color I look forward to your success :grin:

Graham I used to be a hypochondriac and frequented boards for people with cirrhosis. There were so many awful cases and people bounced back. It was miraculous to see. Sounds like your body has taken a beating and still ticking.

Thanks for the message day 4 a clear head . But body bad . I am determined to beat this.

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Thanks for the message day 4 a clear head . But body bad . I am determined to beat this

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Thanks for the message day 4 a clear head . But body bad . I am determined to beat this. Going away for the week to think

Thanks for the message day 4 a clear head . But body bad . I am determined to beat this. Going away for a week to think

Silly old fool . Thought i had to reply to each message . Perhaps head not as clear as i thought


Welcome Sir we are proud of your first step!

Keep going, I’m thinking one hour at a time after 5 days sober - it’s my first friday without a wine or a black out but all morning that devil has been saying go on , wouldn’t it be nice to light the fire and have some wine - I know it would not be that civilised - ive just got back from a massive walk to clear my thoughts . Its helped but that voice is there still . Do what you need to do to get through the next hour , then the next, then the next , were here for you x

Hi @Graham1957, just remember, we have drank so much of our life that our bodies don’t know how to live without it, the withdrawals are gonna get worse before it gets better, but when it gets better, it’s gonna be fantastic.

Glad you got some medication for the shakes, I remember going cold turkey after 3 weeks of drinking a bottle or 2 of scotch a day. I remember the shakes, the voices in my head, I thought I was gonna die. But as the alcohol left my body I can feel the energy come back stronger than ever.

And now is when you need family n friends to spend sometime with you, listen to music, watch some movies, any thing to keep your mind off drinking.


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I wish you the best. It is hard to quit but you can do it! Have faith and do it for your daughters.

Hey Graham, glad you’re here. It’s not too late you just need to listen to the doctors and stop now. What do they have you on? Remember that your health is at serious risk if you pick up. I got diagnosed with liver cirrhosis at the age of 28 and that was enough to make me never pick up again. Today is day 253. If I can do it so can you. Rooting for you!

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