New Year's Eve

This will be my first sober NYE. Just curious how you all celebrate? I can’t decide if I should go to a friend’s party where I know there will be drinking. I am not worried about relapsing there, it’s just that scene doesn’t sound appealing to me. Would like to see my friends… but I just wish they were sober too lol. My husband still drinks. Not excessively like I used to, but he’s going to want to go to the party. I don’t want to hold him back from going, but I also want to celebrate the new year with him. Kind of sucks when you and your partner have different drinking habits. :confused:


I personally am staying home on NYE, but the choice was made easier because my wife has to work at 5am on New Year’s Day. Last night I did go to a get together with some friends who were all drinking. I decided that I wanted to see friends and also partially wanted to see how I would do in the situation (and hang out with my wife.) It actually went fine, I brought my own non alcoholic drinks, poured them into a pint glass so no one really knew any differently (for me that was easier at this point than explaining my very early sobriety) and managed to enjoy myself by catching up with friends.

Maybe you could go, but have a backup plan? Like if you’re not enjoying yourself, know you can go home and watch a movie you like and your husband can take an lyft or taxi home? Just a suggestion, good luck!


I will be staying home as well for the simple reason that, even I am not drinking, the rest of the world is and is going from place to place like that. Nope. I need to consider what my menu will be and what movies I will enjoy. :slight_smile:


What I have noticed that most of the people do not get wasted as I used to do, they are having few drinks and it is not effecting they comunication with others, so sober me can easily have normal conversations with them. It is a bit difficult to write what I have in mind :expressionless::hushed:


I’m going to be the only sober person too probably. Looking forward to no morning hovering over the toilet.


I’m driving up to Wisconsin to visit my ma and doggo. Bringing some melatonin with me and crashing right around midnight. Seriously can’t wait for the holiday season to be OVER with lol will be drinking gallons of la croix and mocha espressos