Newbie needing to hear a wider variety of stories

Hello, I downloaded this app in hopes to get a “meeting after the meeting” type thing. Some days I need that. I’m 101 days clean and shooting for that 6 month key tag. That’s all I got. :blush:


Welcome to the forum! I am at 4 months + sober. My drug of choice was marijuana but I also abused alcohol. I wasted the last 10 years partying and am so glad to have that behind me. I have 3 children that only barely slowed down my distance abuse problem.
Sobriety has affected my life in only positive ways. The main improvement is my relationships. The second way my life has improved is breaking free of the bondage.

I am so proud of myself and anyone who chooses sobriety, including you👉

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Thank you! I used to smoke years ago but lost interest in it I guess lol for 12 years I’ve tried drugs here and there but it never effected me in a negative manner. When I tried meth though…it was a different ball game. It robbed me of everything I worked my whole life for. I agree that only positive things have came since being clean with some bumps but nothing I wasn’t able to over come. I know only good things will come the longer I stay clean. Good job on your sobriety as well!

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Welcome. 101 days is quite an accomplishment. As for stories, just check out the threads and the comments. You will get to know everyone here, very quickly, as there’s no shortage of personal stories here.

I’m 95 days sober from alcohol.