Night 6 Insomnia Madness


Sigh. My body was totally dependant on that crap to sleep. Melatonin is not even touching me. I took ornithine as well. Exercised today. Sleepy tea. I had no idea sleep would end up being this difficult.

What are your sleep remedies during withdrawal? Google provided me nothing new I didn’t already know. Hoping to learn something here.

It probably doesn’t help I started intermittent fasting so I’m no longer eating after 9pm as well as not drinking. My body is craving the easy way out. :-1:t2: Do I have to relearn how to sleep?


Go easier on the body in the beginning. Fasting is a good thing to do, sure, but your body needs to go through this step by step. Making sure you eat plenty is important.
Did you try a sleep aid with magnesium?
Also, it could just take time…


I definitely ate enough during the day, I’m not fasting where I’m not eating at all, only for a certain time period of 9pm until 11am. I don’t want to depend on food or alcohol to put me to sleep and I need to lose weight due to the arthritis in my back. I take magnesium during the day, I’m guessing you’re right about it just taking time.


How long are your fasts and are they happening daily? Not eating enough is a big one for me. When I drank I would usually only eat in the evenings, then stuff my face right before bed. I’ll take melatonin sometimes during the morning after getting off work or Unisom (doxylamine succ) when I’m desperate for sleep.


You hit the nail on the head. Your mind and body do need to relearn how to fall asleep, and maybe stay asleep. The good news is that it shouldn’t take too long. The most important thing for me is sleep hygiene. I have a routine that starts a few hours before I go to bed. I go to bed around the same time every night, even when I’m off work the next day. Between 9 and 10. There is a little wiggle room in that hour. Definately see a lot of people who use OTC sleep aids as well. I think most of them only used them for a short time in the beginning.

For most people this passes very quickly. Try to be patient with all the crazy you are going through. It took us years to get here, it will take a lot less time to get back, but it will take time.


What’s your eating schedule? I always found it easier to sleep on a full belly when I was IF. I would eat like an hour before bed time.

I took unisom to help with sleep my first week and then tried to get to bed at the same time every night. 6 days is still early, still likely detoxing. Just be patient and don’t drink, sleep will come.


Maybe ask your dietician/doctor about the best time to fast for your body. That’s a little hard for the body to go to bed and wake on hunger. Maybe a morning until dinner fast might help. Also, setup a bed time workout routine.

“Before Bed” - a great workout in Workout Trainer for Android & iOS - it’s awesome!


Gym in evening and limit screen time before bed and tea. I can’t say it’s been very successful but it makes me feel better trying.


It does take some time. I’m still going through periods of insomnia (I’m on day 67). However, it’s much better than what it was when I was drinking. Most the time I felt like a zombie when exhausted and hungover! It’s funny, because this week I’ve actually felt a new feeling of “tire”. I know my body needs to rest rather than me counting the hours to sleep because I’m hungover, irritable and agitated. When I felt like that before I would drink to make myself feel better bit then the vicious cycle would start again the next day. Stick with it! You’re body just needs to get use to falling asleep and staying asleep. Someone on here suggested guided meditation videos which will come up in the search. I find these useful when I wake at 3/4am for no good reason and can’t get back to sleep. It helps to calm me. Good luck.x