Night eating probs / syndrom

Hi Marianna,

thanks for your posts and nice ideas… Aaaaaand sharing so open that you are also affected! It’s so helpful to read all of your posts :v:t2::smiley:

Here is the summary of your tips!
I hope you join updating now and then how things are going!

Thank you all :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


Wow, thanks so much for organizing and summarizing these tips! I just read through this thread as I have a big problem with this. I am able to eat pretty well and healthily (most of the day), and while it’s not a MIDDLE of the night thing for me, when I get home from work around 10pm, I go right to a downright binge on snacks.

I’m looking into seeing a therapist as I think honestly, that it was my first addiction. I remember coming home (to a house filled with uncertainty, rage and loneliness) from really socially stressful days in middle school and just pounding entire sleeves of saltine crackers with chocolate milk. Something about the mindless chewing was my first maladaptive coping mechanism.

In the last sixth months I have gained a lot of insight in this area, and am able to see the obsessive fixation pattern (time to snack, time to snack) on the way home, but I still can’t always interrupt it.

It was really helpful for me to read everyone else’s experience with this and to have it laid out so nicely by you here. I am saving a picture to my phone to read through tonight. Thanks so much! :heart:


Last night while half asleep, I got dressed and went out to my car and ate a TON of peanuts. Like 50% of the cyclinder. Dead of night.

Ate a bunch standing at my open trunk (that visual has been killing me), then brought a handful for the walk back to my apartment.

I woke up to find some straggler peanuts in my bed. It was like that scene from The Godfather with the horse head.

No plan is 100% solid :joy:


Although I stated all the tipps…
I failed!

It was a hand full of crunchy chickpeas and
a few spinac tortilla chips.

Now I know it all…
But if I am waking up, it’s totally programmed to sneak down the stairs to the kitchen in the first floor and get something in my mouth.

I don’t know… For me it’s more a physical thing, than a thing of taste or craving. So far until here… Have to try writing down my emotions when I wake up. Will put a notebook and pen directly on me tonight :grimacing::sweat_smile:

Your humor helps! :rofl:

I’ve been eating or snacking at night my whole life.
Not every night, of course, but it does happen.
My late father used to do it too. I remember, when I still lived with my parents, that we used to bump into each other near the kitchen door. Especially if my mom made lunch for tomorrow (our favorite was cooked beans with sausages) and left it in a pot to cool down until morning so she could put it in the fridge and have a ready meal for her family when she got home.
Well, most of those mornings, after my father - he used to arrive first :slight_smile: - then I “visited” the kitchen, she would find no beans, no sausages. Only something like 2-3 cm of the minestrone on the bottom of the pot and a forgotten spoon. :crazy_face:

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Thank you very much for sharing your storry Lulu! :pray:t2:

I survived this Saturday night without eating

I just catched this little moment…
To not stand uo. That was it. :sunglasses:


After all techniques and theoretical analysis, I had 2 nights of NOT night snacking …

I found out that for me it’s all about the small moment of decision… It’s a few seconds.

If I catch this short moment of awareness, it works! What’s really needed is hugging myself or putting my fingers gently in face especially on my lips.

OK sounds a bit freaky…
Feeling like a little :panda_face: searching for mum!

But I am more clear about the real problems now. Excited how journey will go on.

Anyone else new experiences? :grin: