Nightmares of drinking again

Hey guys. I am sober for one month and my biggest goal is to stay it. I have a question: everynight I dream of a “fallback” to drinking again. These nightmares are so terrible to me. Can someone give me a good advice? Thank you so much.


i dont have any advice, but you’re not alone. i have them sometimes and wake up panicking, so thankful to be sober. its the pits, but i think they’re quite common. lots of people on TS have brought it up. congrats on the month! :slight_smile:


thank you so much claire-lo. you are such an amazing human being :heart:.

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Welcome :heart:

Im one of the people who brought it up. It can be soooo horrible and very real. Once i woke up with a “hangover” or it felt like it. Overwhealmed with the feeling of shame and guilt, and just burst into tears. Until approx. 15 minuts after to realize i didnt throw a party and there isnt any alcohol in my home, no mess or any embarrising txt messages or pictures on my phone. Then realize its all a dream. I have had so many. I cant even remember how many. But someone told me that it is because, when we work so hard on sobriety and having fears of relapsing its always i our subconscious mind to avoid this. When we sleep our subconscious mind “take over” and thats why we often dream about what we are subconsciously thinking about (if that makes sense) im not sure if i believe it, but there might be something about it. But i have found that to talk with my bf of my fears before sleeping has done that i dont have them so often. But my nightmares continues though with people dear to me dying or getting killed or so. Havent work my way around that one yet.


I still have them sometimes. They seem so real occasionally, that I wake up with so much guilt and terror that I have relapsed, few seconds before I get my head straight seem like hell. One thing helps me is realizing that it is just a dream. They do not have to control me, if I do not act as I did before.


Hi. 50 days sober here and same situation. 2-3 times a week I have dreams about drinking. Few times about pouring alkohol into sink. It’s very common actually. Use find option on top od this forum and you will find out lot of topics about this. Stay strong! :muscle:

I haven’t had any for alcohol—yet, but when I stopped smoking many many many years ago, I would wake up having nightmares of pie pans full of cigarette butts several weeks after having stopped.

This is interesting to me bc I read so many posts like this so I know you’re not alone. My dreams have definitely become more interesting and I remember them more but I havent experienced these type. Only once ever did I have a dream where I got drunk and actually felt drunk. It was while I had an ankle monitor on while on probation so I actually enjoyed the dream :upside_down_face: But at that time I didnt want help and wasnt ready to quit. I think the fact that this is such a nightmare for you is a good sign. The possibility of relapse is a fear I think most of us have so it comes out of your subconscious in this form. It’s not real. It doesn’t mean its actually going to happen. Keep doing what you’re doing to stay sober in real life. With more time I’m sure this will sort itself out. All the best :blush:

I scanned by this post earlier and dismissed it because I have written and seen this question asked many times.

It wasn’t that long ago that I would wake up with those same nightmares. They do go away with time. I think my last one was around a year of sobriety.
We had put ourselves through a lot of horrible shit so it’s reasonable that we will have horrible nightmares.
Thank you for reminding me where I have been.

I does get so much better.

Yep, last night (in my dream) came home in my underwear with no bag to a furious husband. I remember his anger and my fear so well.