No drinking in the daytime hours

I have never wantwanted to drink in the daytime. Even if people are drinking. But inthe evenings im an alcoholic. Can this be so?``


That’s me totally too. People will offer me a beer at a BBQ or something and I’ll pass. They think I’m just a “wuss” or whatever. But I don’t have any desire to have a beer or two, I’d rather drink lemonade. I want 10-12 beers at night, preferably alone so I can get silly and sloppy without judgement. I often feel I must not have a problem because I’m not drinking a liter of vodka before 10 am and that those are the “real” drinkers with problems, but alas, that’s not how this drinky drinky thing works.


Ask yourself…
●Regardless of what, how much, and when I drink…do I have a problem with alcohol?
●Has my life been impacted negatively because of my drinking?
●Once I put it into my body, do I crave more?