No Facebook , no messenger,


Draw a line in the sand and dont cross it again !!!

Am I alone trying social media sobriety?

You quitting facebook? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:man its so hard to do. :rofl::rofl::rofl:I was never a big addict with it and still it took me months to cancel my account.good luck friend


I am 5 years facebook sober. No social media for me, beyond this forum. No twitter or instagram or any of that. Too much to do.


Instant gratification is a trouble brought on by the internet… social media,etc.


I don’t go on it much, and I really wish I could delete my account. However, my family is 1000 miles away and they like to see what my son is doing, so I use it to post stuff like plays he’s in, concerts and etc. He doesn’t like facebook (imagine that, a 14 year old who doesn’t like facebook…lol).


I do miss the twitters. I shut it down when starting sobriety. And then it got irrevocably deleted. Made a lot of good friends that I don’t get to speak to anymore. But I do recognize the trouble it can cause.


I did the same thing a couple months ago when I started this new sober life. No ties to the past. No distractions. Save some time and energy. I have this app now and my bible app, Pandora and a couple AA apps. That’s about it. Extremely helpful.


How does one quit facebook??? That’s something I’d love to do.


abruptly. Just like everything else we’ve quit. Lol


I have never chosen to be on Facebook. I suppose it is awesome to have essentially no clue what I am missing.


Lol…ain’t the the truth!


Its not thats tge problem. You decide to quit then it takes 30 days i think yo be deleted. If you log in at any time in 30 it cancels deletion. Thats why it took me so long to do


I never used it much or had it long but when i found myself sitting on toilet for 40 mins looking at it i knew it was time to stop. Lol. Sorry for graphic thought


This is my only form of social media thankfully. I quit Facebook ten years ago and so glad I did.


Hey. I use my Facebook to keep in touch with my friends and family back home. My oldest son is also 14. He is very anti-social media. And anti-social for that matter.


When I was stationed overseas oh so many times, I’d drop a letter in the mail to my sister or my Nana. My entire extended family knew what was going on pretty quickly…it’d go “viral”.

Today, all it takes is a phonecall, and the same thing happens. My family up North knows what’s up with me and mine. Facebook was for me more trouble than it’s worth.

Plus I love the look on people’s faces when I tell them. Priceless.


I use FB, but totally understand people not. I’d like to post a couple of articles here in solidarity with people dropping social media it from their lives. Am I allowed to do that? (Its not a secret blast on a sobriety app…)


I’m not 100 percent sure. You could ask @Robin or @Steve92. I don’t see why it would be a problem.


It’s the pictures and videos they like to see
My son is very active in theatre and music (like I was). For example, he has the lead role in “school of rock”. My parents can’t make it down so I can post the video online. And for candid pictures of us going to baseball games or six flags, it’s an instant gratification for them because they are active on it. Where my parents live in Maine, it could take weeks before they got a letter…lol…


Ok-cool – Thankya.