No Facebook , no messenger,


Ahh. Well I just took the app off my phone. Problem solved.


Yes, you are allowed to post articles and resources - it’s actually encouraged. The reason the forum was created was to get people in touch and give them the ability to share their experiences and knowledge.

There is a rule against promoting and selling things on the forum, but unless you have ulterior motives like those you have nothing to be worried about.


Me too. People can’t understand why me and my husband aren’t on Facebook!


Ok cool – thank you!


I quited FB for two weeks now. Such a relieve!!! Good luck :slight_smile:


Some interesting reading on the topic! Partly about social media, partly about phones.


I don’t follow any of my contacts and only use it for recipes and keeping in touch with a couple of niche support groups for work and personal. I post occasionally just to keep my family updated…we’re spread throughout the world.


I’d like to chime in on this one. I don’t think my life would be better off without my smartphone.

I own four smartphones and a tablet. You’d probably think that I’m addicted to them, but I’m not at all. They mostly just gather dust. I develop software. A large part of my job is writing code for mobile apps or testing websites on mobiles. Smartphones are literally a portion of my profession. I love what I do, and I wouldn’t be able to do it if smartphones weren’t a thing.

That’s from a professional point of view, but it’s the same from a personal one too. My smartphone is an invaluable tool to me. A great example was our recent trip to Greece. We used our smartphones for:

  • Taking photos - saving memories (no need to carry a bulky camera)

  • Backing up said photos to the cloud. This came in handy when my girlfriend’s phone was pickpocketed

  • Navigation. We downloaded maps of all the cities we went to on Google Maps, so we could walk around and find our way even without an internet connection

  • Keeping in touch with our AirBnB hosts

  • Translating Greek to English

  • TripAdvisor - To find some hidden restaurants

  • Uber - Getting taxis. We could enter the destination through the app, which is easier than explaining it to taxi drivers given the communication barier

Well, those are just a few examples. Could we have done it without a smartphone? Perhaps… But I’m convinced it would have been a thousand times more difficult.

In the end it all depends on how you use it. If you use it like the amazing tool it can be, it will certainly improve your life. If you mindlessly scroll through social media and play Candy Crush for hours then it’s stealing your life away from you. Your phone should create more time for you, not suck it up.

Oh and of course, this entire platform would not have been possible without smartphones! :smile:


I think it’s great if you are giving it up…but for me I’ve actually met some amazing friends through social media that I only know online (we met through a mommy group). I could never give them up. They are a sort of lifeline for me. But I DO regularly clean up my FB and remove friend and leave groups etc. Sometimes it can get toxic and my mental health can suffer from it.


I guess it’s like drinking. Some people can facebook like “normal people”. Me, I got sucked right in. I tried giving it up for Lent two years in a row. Great day when I ditched it for good. Never looked back, and now I don’t miss it at all. I’m too verbose for twitter, and instagram is too picturey for me. I really don’t need to see hundreds of pictures with duck lips and how awesome lunch looks.


Bwahahaha, I can’t even deal with that yet. I probably should though, save the ranting for meetings where people actually care


It’s helpful to at least cut ties with drinking/drugging friends…


I quit Facebook 5 years ago best decision I ever made. I’ve also recently quit instagram and twitter. I am no longer on any social media and I have found it very liberating. They are time wasters. I rather me on the sober time app!


I still use Facebook, but I’m not connected with one single person there. I use it for news, traffic information and to stay updated with animal activists :slightly_smiling_face:


Quit fb the year I created it in 2010 or earlier. It is such a great time killer. I don’t use Instagram or Twitter either. Instagram is so delusional. People fake their lives so much these days.

Anways I still use whatsapp to stay connected with people I know personally.


I think smartphones are like fire: a faithful servant and a fearful master.

I couldn’t function in my job without one. Really they are great for quick access to information. My daughter asked me to take her to a store. I had no idea where it was, or when it closed. Boom…everything I needed was found in under a minute.

My daughter is a digital native with no concept of not being constantly connected electronically. I used the occasion of helping her with a paper to show her how we did it, back in the day. Library. Card catalog. Check out dead tree books. Search the index. Use 3x5 note cards.
After it was done, she said “the new way is easier, but the old way is better”. When I asked her why the old way was better she basically said that she learned more about the subject she studied because she was more actively engaged. She thought because using the web and search tools was easier and faster, she didn’t learn as much. I was happy with this exercise.

I think for me, I reached the same conclusion regarding relationships, as my daughter did on her paper. The new way (social media ) is easier, but the old way (active, person to person) is better. It’s better because it takes more work.

But I do try to unplug regularly. Go a day without it here and there. Go places where there’s no internet. Remind myself there was a time in my adult life when I actually functioned quite effectively, without instant connectivity.


4 days sober from facebook. Deleted my account and got rid of the app on my phone. First 2 days was weird, but since then it has been very liberating! And theres a bonus; it took off over 250mb of space off my phone between the app and the messenger app. I did post for 6 hours before closing it telling people are free to message me numbers and emails. In the end, those ones who gave them to me were the ones who really followed me.


139 days off all social media… fuck lol


you are so right!


LOL…You got that right about mail delivery here in Maine! I could tell you nightmares! :joy: