No fap strike (nfs)


I have decided to stop fap forever and this app will record my journey of my dream life

When it all start?I belive it start when I was 9years old when I was introduced to porn.I just an innocent child back then,who wonder how the world work but end up with this addiction.

A lot have happen until now,I have lost many trust from people surround me but some still believe in me.This is my first year in software engineering degree and I had decided to all out to change my life.

I had make a promise,I will update my journey everyday and share some post for motivation.I believe,I not the only one who is struggle and need support from the community.This is how to fight addiction as I seen one video of experiment cocaine on the mice.

From today,I will fap forever and I promise to become the best software developer and make Dapp(Decentralized App) to help people fight addiction in the future :slight_smile:

Welcome, porn/sex/masturbation addiction is a real issue many of us deal with. There are several topics on her dealing with this so take a look around and keep coming back and checking in.


I’m hopping in on this. Right now I’m at about an hour

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First 5 minutes gonna try the app out hopefully get engaged in the nofap community to take control of my mind and body back.

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Welcome @Beat_the_urge

Thanks to nofap on Reddit it got me to wanna search for a day counter app and I came across this app that led me to the community. I’m glad to be here

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@specsthinker Not sure if this is a joke or not. No offense meant. Your first sentence mentions “stop fap forever” but the last sentence says “I will fap forever”. Just hoping for a little clarity. Give it your best either way!!:wave::wave::muscle:

Edit: Just realized thats a year old post. Apologies.

Maybe a typo?

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