No longer 7 months clean

I relapsed yesterday afternoon in self harm. Back to square one. I even needed stitches on the one cut. I feel awful that I relapsed after being a little over 7 months clean from self harm.

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Ahh R U OK now? What happend/triggerd girl?

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Yes. I am okay now. Some stupid girl said something really mean to me.

And did you know her? Or do you know why she was mean? What was your coopingstrategy for the last 7 months? You did so well!

I knew her, yes. She was mean because she likes my ex boyfriend and was jealous of me at one point. My coping strategy? I was in the hospital for 5 of those 7 months. Then the two months that I was home, I went to people who I trusted when I was feeling that way. But it so happened that no one was around at the time.

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Dont get down on yourself. I was 211 days clean recently and relapsed. We’re never completely out of shark infested waters. Even when you think you’re safe on dry ground, theres a land shark waiting to snap at you.

I’m sorry to hear this. What do you think about having some other strategies to deal with emotional pain without self harm when you’re alone? Writing down your emotions? Calling someone? Punching pillows? Squeezing or chewing on ice (for some people it actually helps!)? There are lots of things you can do when you’re tempted to self harm.

It sounds like you’re paying attention to when your cuts need medical care, which is good. If a wound doesn’t close properly and/or gets infected, it can get really unpleasant really fast… I learned that the hard way when I self harmed and spent several days in the hospital.

Take care of yourself, you’re worth it! :slight_smile: