Non alcoholic drinks ? Something tasty


At the minute I’m having soda water with lime and ice which is lovely but just wondered what everyone else had to go with a nice meal. Something a bit different. Don’t say water ! I drink loads of that anyway :grin:

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Ginger beer is my absolute favourite


I have to say I’m not a fan. Thanks for the suggestion though :slightly_smiling_face:

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I won’t say water but I will say iced sparkling flavoured water, strawberry and vanilla and pineapple and coconut are my favourites. Good old schloer if it’s a special occasion and I feel like I need something in my glass to toast with (think they are a bit triggery for some people tho)
Also appletise, I drank it as a kid and wouldn’t have thought of it but a friend gave it to me as they didn’t have anything else, I love it now

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Ooo I forgot about schloer and appletizer !! Where do you get the pineapple and coconut sparkling water ?


It’s from ASDA, I think it’s about 37p :joy: they have loads of flavours so you won’t get bored

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Thank you sounds good and cheap ! :blush::+1:


I’m ginger beer at home as well. When I go out it tends to be blackcurrant and lemonade or orange and lemonade.


Definite no to the ginger beer but like the others. What about fresh juices and smoothies etc.? Anyone any suggestions


I drink a lot of Bubly brand sparkling water, Green Apple, raspberry, blackberry, pretty much ANY flavor except lime and orange. I make a lot of iced tea, sun tea, I don’t drink juice, not a fan. Lemonade with soda water for extra bubbles or an Arnold Palmer (iced tea & lemonade)!

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Thank you I think I need to stock up ! X

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Yerba Mate is a good, healthy and social drink. A very good addition and a good alternative to coffee, more refreshing, can be drinked cold as Terrere.


Not sure I can get that in Northern Ireland? Sounds good though. I do drink lots of herbal teas it’s more cold drinks I’m struggling with


There are a lot of herbal drinks that can be and is good served cold or ice cold. And those are very good alternative to sodas and sugary drinks. ooh by the way, just remembered - Coconut water! Perfect served cold :slight_smile:


Ive got into Sanpelligrano theyre like grown up pops they do quite a few flavours the only thing is theyre not sugar free


Have you lydll? They have lovely soft drinks


Oh yes I remember those . Very tasty but yeah a lot if sugar. Be nice now and then though


I do yes I shop there often but haven’t really looked at the drinks thanks I’ll look at those


Apple cider (non alcaholic)


Lemon and lime fizzy water from tesco tastes like sherbert lemon ice cold and costa coffee do a ice cooler tropical which is just like an alcohol free pina colada bit pricey tho so i have as a treat.

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