Non alcoholic drinks ? Something tasty


Asda used to do pineapple and coconut but cant find in my local one anymore

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Omg omg omg morrisons do apple and elderflower fizzy water with a gold top it smells and tastes amazing i know wher im calling tomorrow!

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My wine replacement is Elderflower Corrdial with lots of cold seltzer water. A nice mild floral taste :+1:


Mine still does it and lots of others, it’s my favourite one, they are my go to evening drinks now :blush:


I get the purple one sparking blackberry and elderflower i think it is only problem with the water and coffee drives me mad with heartburn at times so i pop 2 rennie with yet more fizzy and i become like that experiment where kids drop a mento into a bottle of coke…:flushed::astonished:


Y​:flushed: ooh that doesn’t sound good :confused: Did you get heartburn when you were drinking? I got it terrible and for about three months after I quit, now it’s totally cleared up. If it really starts to bother you Nexium for a week used to work wonders for me.
I like the black currant and elderflower too, I tend to switch them around so I don’t get bored


Yeah i did ,i cant bear to chew the rennie so i swallow whole.i tried zantac that didnt work but ill try nexium.the strawberry water one my son loves but its still.


Zantac didn’t work for me either, Nexium is a treatment rather than a remedy and will help to fix any irritation you might have due to alcohol, it’s the same group of medication your Gp would prescribe if you went to them with the problem.
I don’t like the still either but the strawberry and vanilla fizzy one is good :blush:

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@adeygaga49 I find Tanora is a lovely drink. That and just your regular cordial be it apple and blackcurrant or orange.

Espically coming into the summer months.

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Sean what is tanora please :slightly_smiling_face:

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I drink water. Coffee and diet lilt or coke
I avoid anythung which is similar to beer or wine. I miss them at times so reminders dont help

But a good pot of coffee always works


It’s an Irish drink. It’s fantastic. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it because it’s produced in Cork and rarely sold outside of Munster.


Yeah I googled it !! :laughing: dont have it in Northern Ireland but I think Tango is probably similar thanks


Cranberry juice and seltzer… they also have these sparkling flavored coconut waters I’ve seen that I’ve been meaning to try.


Heineken 0%


This looks tasty and good value


Goya coconut water with pulp, and lately, Topo Chico Twist of Lime, are my jams.


Im a big fan of the Arnold Palmer :+1:

A cold Arnie P always puts me in a better mood!

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Did anyone think for a second I wasn’t going to post this eventually? :smirk:



Don’t think I can get the ice tea or la croix here. The la croix looks nice !

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