Non-religious anti-alcohol book suggestions


Deep into “The Naked Mind” both the book and the podcast and also the online community. Thank you. This style of book is exactly the type of thinking that makes sense to me. I quit smoking with a similar philosophy with a book written by a man named Allen Carr and this seems to be just as informative and empowering. I’m a very “information is power” type so this works really well for me.


I started with Allen Carr too. I am not religious, but all the information, resources and tools I found outside of AA can all be found in AA and the 12 step literature ( I am not in AA though)…Try to look past the higher power, and prayer parts, and you will find a lot of what you need in it.


Now that it has been almost 4 weeks. I am very happy with “this naked mind” and the many other non-Higher Power books and podcasts out there. Thank you all for the suggestions.

I really would not have made it this far without asking this question here and all the input.


John Barleycorn, Jack London autobiography.


“Living Sober” - its AA literature, but full of practical, everyday advice.


reading it right now. really good!!


I own this book and have studied it in meetings, and most of the advice looks to be standing the test of time!


“Blackout, Remembering What I drank to forget.” Sarah Hepola


“Wild” I know that it’s only semi-recovery related, but I have read the book and seen the movie (finally) and I think it’s worth checking out.


The Sober Revolution…I just bought it but haven’t started it so I can’t say 100% for sure that it is non-religious but the description doesn’t seem to indicate a religious or AA based message.


Its great, ive read it twice now, only downside is he’s such a bad ass it makes me feel like a total slacker.


I know right! :slight_smile: pretty badass work ethics