Not even sober in hours, crawl in bed cannot sleep

  1. Drink tea - V
  2. Make conversation with kids - V
  3. Sleeping pills - V
  4. Anxiety pills - V
  5. Watching comedy Central for hours - V

And still feel like CRAP!!! Already thinking Monday work and “DO NOT” want to go

@anon12657779. One of your message was right on point , remember this pain to avoid relapse again. Right on point, but I Doubt it. One hour at a time for me , Mate.

One hour at a time is good. It’s how most of us did it first few days. It’s all we can do to battle the urge to drink let alone anything else that needs doing.
But, definitely write this down. It was on point because, it’s on here in so many people’s threads.
“Need to remember this pain”
Keep pushing through Kalvin. You can do this, I have every faith in you.


Nothing wrong with one hour at a time, especially early on…take it one hour at a time if that is what you need to do. Just make sure that every one you renew your determination and continue to prioritize your goal of staying clean.


Keep going man. Once I hit some good sober time I felt like all I did was sleep. The beginning is brutal. I recently relapsed and I just finally 3 days later got some sleep, but I woke up feeling so tired! It really feels like you can’t win in early sobriety.

It really does get so much better.