Not "Just" Thirty Days

Or “Thirty Days Again” or any other subject header where I insult my efforts (yeah, cause that’s what I do). Thirty days is thirty days. I’ll celebrate those days and look forward to saying “Thirty-one Days”.


Thanks! Since I joined here in November I have been sober 97% of the time. I consider that progress and I am so encouraged to keep at it.


Great job hitting one month is an absolute achievement, you should be proud, just keep it up one day at a time.


Thanks! Will do!

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Congratulations on your 30 days. That’s great!!
See you again on 31 :purple_heart:

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GREAT. JOB. :smiley:
Keep kicking addiction’s ass!

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Congratulations!! That’s great news!

30 victories for you
30 days stronger

Enjoy each victory. We all know how hard they are to earn. :muscle:

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Awesome! Congrats on 30 days! :clap:t2::clap:t2::two_hearts:

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Thanks @Dazercat, @littlemisschatterbox, @Blondie1x, @TristanLudlow, @stop.the.ride…and everyone. Thanks so much. In my jammies queuing up a movie, so looking like 31!


Congratulations my friend! Keep Rising, Thriving and Moving Forward!

You’re Strong, Brave and Can Tackle Anything!


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Congrats on 30! :heart:

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I know this feeling. It’s a repetitive feeling.
Nonetheless, 30 days is a big deal! 30 days not using, is 30 days of healing. :black_heart:


Thanks Dee! I feel very happy with my sobriety success. Reading tons on this site, banishing drinking thoughts when they pop up, keeping busy. Doing all the right stuff for me. :grin:

Thanks…I like the quote on your profile.

Thanks, Brittany. You have up the drugs! You can do the same with alcohol.

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That is awesome! I’ve been filling my days with the same…lots of reading, I come here daily, walk…but I still have to wrestle with that whisper.

Yesterday…was almost a mess up, but I walked, and I walked long. Ultimately I made the right choice, but it makes me mad that I even had a scenario planned in my head.

Only reminds me that this battle doesn’t take a break…I’ll forever have to be on guard.

Hopefully the longer we’re AF the stronger will become and will crush the whisper without effort!

That’s my prayer for us…for each and everyone of us!

Congrats to you…I am so proud of what your accomplishing and your victories! Fight on my fellow shieldmaiden!


Funny, but I have gotten mad at my alcohol thoughts, too. Kind of like, “leave me alone a look ready” Also, the self-pitying thoughts. But not today!! Today is sunny and warm and I’m ready to go. Hope you have a great, sober Saturday.

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I’m so glad to not be fighting this alone…I appreciate your spirit, insight and presence! It’s not sunny here, but like you I’m ready to go, and we’re gonna OWN the day!

Enjoy every moment!!!


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Yes!! Another sober Saturday for us. Gotta gloat a bit…high of 75 today. BUT, it has been a wretched month. Not TX bad, but gloomy and rainy and cold! Some days hard to stay positive. But spring is in the air. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh gloat! 75 and sunny is totally gloat worthy! :grin:

Where are you in the world again?

Your :100: right…No matter how gloomy it is I will never complain. There is always suffering more…folks in TX is a current example.

Breaks my heart.

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