Not this time!

Hey guys! Just another little random drop in to say hey. 78 days here! :muscle:

I just wanted to say that I know most of my posts are chipper and encouraging, but I do struggle just as much as anyone else. I’m figuring out that I tend to want to post something the day after I’ve had a previous night of temptation.

Last night was one of those nights. That little annoying voice was saying, “just one glass of wine!” I debated for about 4 minutes before snapping out of it and remembering all my progress.

Sometimes I feel ashamed after I come to my senses and wonder why I still romanticize drinking. But I have to constantly remind myself that I am human, and that desire may never go away. Hopefully with time it will become easier, but I have to be okay with the fact that the “just one!” voice will forever be in my ear trying to tempt me.

It isn’t easy. There’s a reason we take it one day at a time; because every day we are faced with new obstacles and temptations and new opportunities that could potentially trigger our addiction.

There really is no feeling, however, like waking up and thanking yourself for not giving in.

I could’ve been back on day 1 today. But I’m at 78 and only going up!

Stay strong, everyone! :two_hearts:


Good stuff pal!
That’s all a craving is. A thought. One of thousands we have every day.
And that thought will pass, if we let it.

Thanks for sharing


Thank you so much for posting this! I can’t stand that awful wine witch. There will always be those days, I just hope it gets easier with time, and kudos to you for snapping out of it in four minutes. 78 days is so awesome!


So happy for you pushing thru!! Yes, lots of us are often in a positive and upbeat mood, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have struggles…sobriety wise or otherwise. We are all human and we all have ‘stuff’ to deal with. The beauty of sobriety and recovery is that we can and do actually deal with our stuff instead of trying to escape from it…well, a lot of the time…lord knows I can avoid some stuff with the best of them!! :rofl::smirk: Thanks for posting and congrats on your ongoing sobriety!! I love hangover free mornings too. :heart:


I have never thought of wine as a witch before . She surely did not have that appearance at all the wineries I used to go visit she is very deceitful deceiving and full of trickery.


I’ve read so many sobriety memoirs and can’t remember which one it was. But she called the voice prompting her to drink “wine witch” :joy:


Reading this post pulled me out of my craving! Thank you for sharing, you can be really proud of yourself for not giving in. This is an example for me that these horrible cravings are ‘just’ an annoying voice that can be shut down. Stay strong! :heart:


You guys never fail to make me feel good about myself! Thank you all so much once again for being here!!