Obsessive Thinking

As a Newcomer, please tell me what you did to combat obsessive thoughts of drinking.


Recently I posted on here reaching out for help and support and that helped a lot.

  • I remind myself the reasons why I decided to quit
  • play out the scenario if I did use, never ends good
  • go for walk and snack
  • wash my face with cold water
  • listen to motivational speeches
  • read threads on here
  • and found out yesterday singing to the top of my lungs helps also

Once you’ve calm down think what was the cause? Any triggers to avoid! You got this!! Push through!


Find things that you enjoy doing and focus on those. For me it’s running, knitting, cooking. Some days it’s shopping and sometimes it’s just getting out of the house and walking the dog. I also lean in to it sometimes. Make a fancy mocktail with a fun straw and garnish. For each person I’m sure it’s different. For some the mocktail might not skeleton and be triggering, for me it helps me feel special and reframes that it doesn’t have to include alcohol. Try many things until you learn what works for you. Maybe journal on the touch days or meditate and do yoga. Try different teas or coffee, sit it an bookstore and read a book about an alcohol free life or finding your purpose. Good luck! Don’t worry about getting it right ir perfect, just try anything and everything until you find what works for you. You can do this, you’re worth it!


I don’t have obsessive thoughts of drinking, but I do get in rumination cycles about myself as a drunk and all the shame that is attached, and then all the things I could possibly feel anxious about flood in and cycle around in my brain so much it starts to hurt and buzz and make me feel I could go crazy. I get up and move. I read. Anything- a book, posts here, I have an app of positive affirmations. Anything to bring a different voice in that the one making circles.