Odd Encounter...TW alcohol and cocaine

I was in the bathroom at a bar tonight taking a leak and a guy using the sink asked me to do a bump of cocaine with him! I was like no dude else I would be chasing that dragon all night long and he laughed and left. Did my green leprechaun hat make him think I was a cokehead or something? WTF! I felt bad for him after I guess…Maybe I should stick to fishing and not go out anymore…


That’s strange, but not unheard of. It is a party holiday after all. Kudos to you for resisting! :clap: :+1:


Seems like a friendly dude just trying to share the fun. Little did he know your definition of fun changed a few years back.
I answer similarly when it’s offered to me. Ppl seem surprised that should be reason enough to not do it for anyone, but so it is. Ships passing in the night.


I am more surprised he wanted to share. I always Gollum’d my precious. :wink:

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your night!!


LoL! I understand why after I tried it a few times. You have to keep doing it all night to avoid crashing and that gets expensive…