Odd National Days


I’m going to use this thread to share all the odd and fun National Day’s.
When I went through cancer treatments they gave us this calendar with all these whacky Days to celebrate. Back then I didn’t think anything of it but these days I get excited to celebrate those little things.
Even if its just a silly national holiday.
So this thread will be for anyone who wants to follow and know about the silly days to celebrate


‘Watching’ this thread. We’re always looking for something new to celebrate!


Today June 2nd is:
Rocky Road Ice cream day
Rotisserie chicken day
National bubba day (celebration of brothers)
Black bear day.

So eat some chicken for dinner and serve that rocky road ice cream and celebrate with your brothers


By killing a black bear.


Well no don’t kill a black bear. Lol


Oh, gotcha. Hug a black bear… got it!


June 3rd is:
National Cancer Survivor’s Day – First Sunday in June (yearly)
Chocolate Macaroon Day
Repeat Day
Egg Day


Lol - what’s repeat day?


Literally just repeat things.
If you make eggs for breakfast and they were good make them again.
Do things twice in one day.

Its not the day in celebrating today. Lol


Oh sweet. Better begin the day with a gallon of ice cream.


Happy Survivor Day sister! June is also ovarian cancer awareness month. I have teal streaks in my hair to celebrate (teal ribbon = ovarian cancer)!


Yes, happy Survivors Day :purple_heart:
I will wear my star wars survivor shirt today.
I am making a post on my blog thread in a bit. A little of my story


Yay! I’ll be sure to check it out. :heart::muscle::two_hearts:


June 4th
Cheese Day @Caustic a day for us cheese lovers :heart_eyes:
Old Maid’s Day

S- Secure all firearms in the home
A- Ask the question about unsecured firearms in the homes your child visits
F- Frequently talk to your children about the dangers of firearms
E- Educate and Empower others to be SAFE


October 3rd. “Tag der Deutschen Einheit”, when we germans celebrate our love for David Hasselhoff! :wink:


I’m tagging @c-sun into cheese day



It is a vio to call you a jerk. So…


Only if I complain about it. I think it’s pretty well understood that I’m fair game


Every day is cheese day! Gonna have to celebrate with a quesadilla!