Odd National Days


July 29th
Lasagna Day
Lipstick Day
Chicken Wing Day


It’s all good, I gotcha back (when I remember too)


My 3 favorite things


Interesting fact for the day: most lipstick contains fish scales…


July 31: strange musical instrument day, mutt day.


July 31st
Avocado Day
Raspberry Cake Day
Mutt Day


Think I might hafta celebrate that raspberry cake day… and before u punks start, any of u pieheads try to tell me u wouldnt eat this I’ll be happy to inform u that you sir or madam are a damn liar!


I would for sure eat that. I still like some cakes. Like red velvet is amazing. Or lemon raspberry is my favorite.
I just prefer pie most of the time


SMH. When you hit all your celebrations I am eating nothing but pie


Yes it’s a cake, which looks delicious and… It has layers


Gonna be ur loss on the 6 mos and one year goodies…I’m already passed the 90 day one so that pie bullshit is dust in the wind which makes this a particularly shitty stance for u to take… all ur doin is denying urself ice cream, but the fact that u are is gonna make my celebrations even more meaningful :grin: lol


I ain’t getting high anymore. I can have ice cream any damn time I want


You can shut your cakehole! #pieforthewin!


batts eyes and gasps…old southern lady voice why I nevah! How rude! Does yo mama know u speak in such a manner young man??? :astonished:


I told you to sit in your corner and twiddle your thumbs and stop spewing your hate all over the place!


Jesus, bit hostile are we??? I cant help it ur always wrong, no use takin it out on me :yum: #cheesecake…theotherwhitecake


Come on. I said in my text earlier I was feeling off.
Maybe having a full day off with Chris wasn’t such a good thing :joy:


I have a feeling there’s going to be a sharks/jets thing going on between the pie/cakes soon. Cheesecake is our MARIA!!!


August 3rd
Georgia Day
Watermelon Day
Grab Some Nuts Day


And yes that last one is real!!