Odd National Days


You can grab dees nuts

Edit: couldn’t be helped


go back to your sex dungeon pervert :wink:


Buy me one!


How did I know it would be you :joy:
Either you or @Neighbrofthebeast668


He’s got vees not dees


you need to convince the voters.


I want a sex dungeon! I mean if you are handing them out an all haha


it’s all up for voters at this or that thread…support dereks and he might let you play


Oh she’s definitely invited :wink:


I do feel like sex dungeon talk shouldn’t be out in the main board. Might give people the wrong ideas about me after admitting I’m a sex addict and all :joy:


What is up with evil apples trying to get me to celebrate national beer day…


Yea its that too but I don’t post those kinds of days on here. For obvious reasons.
The other day was national red wine day too but I didn’t post it


I wish they would add a question about that kind of stuff when you make your profile. So I could opt out of alcohol related adverts.


I don’t ads anymore after buying all the cards.
But yay I have some time I could actually play for a bit. Lol
Haven’t played in like a week because I’ve been so tired


Also the day in 1492 Columbus started his journey to “the Indies”


Yes, indeed I usually like to keep “vees” coming around as opposed to ur nuts, dont get me wrong Derek, I love u, I’m just not IN love with u :grin:


Yeah, I see you typing that but I don’t think anyone believes it


Lol, yeah I was about to say maybe grab some nuts day has some correlation to national beer day since I know that now after evil apples decided to inform me via a push notification while I was sitting in a meeting lol


Well, that sexy assed Miami vice wanna be Instagram avatar does stir up some rather confusing feelings somewhere deep inside, I guess I am feeling a bit conflicted starts singing whitesnake :laughing::joy:


August 5th
Underwear Day
Work Like A Dog Day
Oyster Day
American Family Day
National Friendship Day
National Sisters Day