Odd National Days


I’m eating Mac n cheese right now!


My lunch today!!
Pepper jack and salami sandwich.


Oh yeah! Divine!


Thats so keto :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Usually make things like this at home but when on the go you can buy them :heart_eyes:
I love its low carb


National Hug a Cat day too.


That’s not on my calendar but I will add it :grin:


They want like 3.50-4 bucks for those out here. Great idea but damn its expensive




Also my birthday…first one sober.


Oh snap…
I pay 1.50 for them at the gas station.


That’s fancy stuff there. Mine was .39 cents


Happy birthday! Hope its goin good so far, just had my first sober one in about 17 years a month ago, I was worried from the time I quit i might relapse, but things conspired to inspire lol


Happy birthday!!
Hope its a great day
I’ve had a few sober ones but that’s only because I was in the hospital the two before I quit drinking.


Lol, it was an impulse but at the grocery store on payday, it wasnt horribly expensive, but I just read the nutrition label, I will damn not be buying it again, this stuff should sustain u through the first few months of an apocalypse! I’m worried I might turn into the toxic avenger if I eat it all at once! Lmao


Now that’s a reasonable price lol. Still a lot more than the raw materials but that’s the convenience. If I get hungry at work I get some string cheese and carl buddigs for quick eats but I rarely eat before I get home from work anymore.


That’s like eating a cheese flavored stick of butter


I think anyone can flag a post. Besides, I was kust kidding. Mostly.


Yea. I usually just go to the deli and get a pound of salami and pound of different cheeses.
And sometimes cream cheese and avocado


Lol, ikr…I took 2 bites of it (and yes, they got every bit of that 2130 mgs of sodium in it) , put it back in the fridge and grabbed the oikos yogurt and a container of raspberries… sry jessi, cheese day will hafta be celebrated in moderation til I can make one of them sammiches like u posted lol. I finally got the tooth I was supposed to have pulled last week taken out 2day so I’m on the baby food diet :disappointed: