Odd National Days


Im guessing she gets em for the low cuz she lives so close to wisconsin… kinda like how cocaine is dirt cheap in Columbia lol


That was my first thought when I saw that monstrosity


Well hell. Not too much dairy goin on in the desert lol. We get avocados for cheaps though.


Oh see avocados are like 2.50 each here


Big ones here are 4/$5 and the lil guys are like 50 cents each at Food City


What a generic name for a grocery store. They should have just named it Grocery Store


Shut up. You have a food city there too? Cant imagine it’s the same chain but I’ve never seen another one out of Maine lol.


Haha I’m gonna need you to send me some. I eat so many for for 2.50-3.00 each it adds up when you could eat 3-5 a day


Food City, owned by Bashas. It’s the Mexican version lol.


Out here, fruit is ultra cheap during the summer. Plus most of the apples you guys have in your stores is likely grown in my own backyard.


The only thing DC exports is politicians and asshole lobbyists so nothin is cheap around here lol…back in NC produce wasnt horrible for the most part but the biggest thing was tobacco, u could get ur coffin nails cheap…marlboros go for about 5.25 a pack


We have so many apple farms here. We have a factory here that makes apple sauce apple juice, cherry juice, and anything else we can grow.
Its all fruits from our town.


They are almost 9 a pack here for newports. Its crazy.


Yeah, I’ve paid as much as 10 for em in DC and Baltimore, but they run about 7 around Annapolis and rural MD…speaking of which hows quitting going?


Newports go for 12 in Syracuse


Yeah, the last time I went to that island full of assholes at the other end of ur state they were like 16 or so lol, that shit has gotten ridiculous man, I remember when u could get em out of a machine in NC for $1.50 a pack


International Chocolate Cake day. June 5th.


June 5th
Hot air balloon day
Gingerbread day
Veggie burger day.


My calendar has chocolate cake day January 27th :slight_smile:


January 1st - December 31st is worldwide Derek is awesome day!