Odd National Days


I will be sure to add that to my calendar I’m making for my cancer survivors.
If you could just write a little summery on how to celebrate and make your own hashtag to use when its celebrated :joy::joy:


Yeah my source is a little sketchy, but yours might be national days…mine is international. LOL


Yes mine is just national.
I’m just getting them from my calendar I got when going through cancer treatments.


Mine are random from online. I have to do daily “lifters” for the patients where I work.


Pretty sure these random ego pushes are more appropriate on the Roast thread. :smile:


Ehh better here then in some new persons post :joy::joy:
I can take his giant ego others may not be able to. Lol
Plus if he’s on here that means more people will see my random day thread :joy:


My giant ego has exploded from its cage and is running rampant.

Is there a national Sobriety Day?


Oddly enough its April 20th.


December 11th is National Sobriety Day for Recovering Alcoholics Celebrate Being Sober

December 11th is for alcoholics


I did Google that one


From the to bizarre to be false files. I wonder what the history is there? Some pothead playing a joke?


I don’t know. We are about to start our day even tho its 11:30 oops. Haha.I will Google it later
I know September is recovery month


I hate you. Lucky. Have you ever grown brussel sprouts? I’m growing them but have no idea what to expect.


I have never grown Brussels Sprouts. I’ve bought them from Trader Joe’s though. Weird demon cabbages.


Yeah I’ve bought them too. This is my first time growing them, and I have no idea what to expect. They don’t look like what I bought in stores.


June 6th is
Eyewear Day
Higher Education Day
Applesauce Cake Day
Drive-In Movie Day
Gardening Exercise Day
Yo-Yo Day
Running Day


Sorry I’m late today. We had such a busy day. I’ve been up since 5 am and sorta feeling like I’m out of it :joy:


They look like sleigh bells…lol!


I ran today. So I celebrated today.


I wore my glasses today :joy: