Odd National Days


I was bout to say…running and gardening ur pretty much covered today dude lol…I walked at a slightly above turtle pace as usual, but I got rained out b4 I made it too far, does that still count?


Lol totally.
My fit bit has me at 6000 steps today which is quite a bit on my body right now.
But I did a little run today. I mean it was just across the road and I looked stupid because of my hips but I ran a little :joy::joy:


Plus I got memorializing D-Day covered, am currently reading this, found it on the bargain table at barnes and noble the other day…


June 7 the June Bug Day


I freaking hate those things!!! They are sticky and do not know how to fly correctly…lol :joy:


June 7th
Chocolate ice cream day!!
Oklahoma Day
Daniel Boone Day


Oh and by the way…every day is cheese day…I don’t care what the calendar says :wink:


What has Oklahoma ever done? WTF. When is Polish day?


November 11th. :joy:


Pulaski day is usually in January or February


VCR as in video cassette recorder or visible cocaine residue? Lol, @Englishd there’s some more trade lingo for ya lol, I used to work with a dude that taught me that. If we were in front of somebody we didnt want to see it we’d start talkin about vcrs to let the other know, it worked back then…nowadays talkin about a VCR would probably be more suspect than just sayin hey dude u got some coke on ur nose :joy:


@Jessi.lynn where u at today? U better not be smoking young lady :face_with_raised_eyebrow: lol


She just posted that she wasn’t


That’s exactly what I would post if I was smoking :wink:


Haha no I wasn’t smoking. I didn’t get on here until late last night except to post about my nephew.
He had his award ceremony yesterday it was a big thing then we took my girls to dinner and the park for their last day of school. It was a busy day.

June 8th
Best friends day


June 9th
Donald Duck Day
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day


One of the best pies ever


Well luckily I didn’t miss today like I did yesterday :joy:


Omg. The ice cream store around here has just come up with a strawberry rhubarb syrup…I had to try it since I love the pie and when I eat it, I like it warm with vanilla ice cream…so I tried it! Not good. Icecream is way sweeter and that made the sauce gross lol.


yea that doesn’t sound as good as the pie. Lol
Tho I’ve only found one kind I like the local bakery here makes them.