Odd National Days


Haha i didnt figure so, I was just messing with ya, congrats on making it a week! I’m still hangin in too, although 5 PM yesterday as I was getting in the truck to head home…the combination of winding down coupled with some stoned dumbass almost broke me. He pulled out in front of me while I was running 60 and I had to slam on the brakes, then a mile up the road the same dude gets in the far left turning lane, and as we start turning he swerves into my lane and almost ran me ino the curb so he could turn right directly in front of me and I did hafta run up on the sidewalk to keep from hitting him that time. Lol, best believe I pulled in behind him and hopped out the truck screaming… who the fuck gave u a damn license you dumb mother fucker, he rolled down the window and all I could smell was pot and I couldnt help but start laughing and said oh lord, put that damn thing out or go home and smoke it b4 u kill somebody jackass


Oh that sounds awful.
I’m not good with people like that. Not just the smoking pot the people who cant drive.
I don’t drive anymore with all my heath issues and meds but when I did I had awful road rage. To the point this one time I followed someone who cut me off for 10 miles just to tell at them :joy:

Glad you are staying with the not smoking. It gets easier then some days you really just want to smoke one even tho you aren’t really craving it.

Addictions are weird man!


Lol, yeah…these patches are screwing with me too, I knew they would cuz I had the same experience wearing them when I was in the hospital. The dreamscape is just as weird as it was during the opiate withdraws lol, I keep waking up from at least 3 different weird assed dreams so off the wall they stay fresh in my mind after getting up for a few hours.


Oh man I couldn’t do that. My dreams are weird enough.
You are strong from going through that.


Lol, it’s actually quite interesting sometimes…waking up in south park with Peter parker and picking up gandolf from a quittage game otw through Narnia to fight ganon and cthulu in Okinawa during the zombie apocolypse type weird lmao the only really bad part is the occasional relapse elements, the last 2 nights I woke up in a panic disappointed with myself thinking I’d smoked one.


Sorry I missed yesterday…

June 10th
Ballpoint Pen Day
Black Cow Day
Herbs and Spices Day
Iced Tea Day
Children’s Day

June 11th
Making Life Beautiful Day
Corn on the Cob Day
German Chocolate Cake Day


See your dreams are weird yes. When I am on my sleeping pills mine are like the scene on Willy wonka when they are on the boat.


Ah, yeah…I’m familiar with those too lol, never thought of Wonka tho, I always called em “black hole sun dreams” cuz they remind me of the music video…


Love Soundgarden. Here’s one of my favorite covers of that song:


Nice…was gonna say getoffmylawn to fill it out but she could hang out for a bit lol


She straight killed 7 nation army too, the link suggested it when that one went off. I’ve listened to it 3 or 4 times now sitting in traffic belting it out right along with her…people are looking at me funny lol @StevieTee that’s another perk to a job with a rolling office right? As opposed to a desk in an office once the light turns green u never have to see the guy in the next cubicle again! :joy::rofl:


June 12th
Jerky Day
Loving Day
Peanut Butter Cookie Day
Red Rose Day
Call Your Doctor Day


Call your doctor day! As if that has a day!


Call him and tell him to shove his nostrums and potions up his ass…now thats worth celebrating :love_you_gesture: :grin:


Chris and I have been joking about just calling our Drs all day :joy:


Pre-Banhammer intiated.


I miss all the excitement


Post-modern Jukebox is awesome. They have so much good stuff.


June 13th
Random Acts of Light Day (bring light to those darkened by cancer)
Kitchen Klutzes of America Day
Sewing Machine Day
Weed Your Garden Day


Weed your Garden day…or proper use of a Hoe :yum: