Odd National Days


Seriously. Just use a hoe. Can’t spend my whole day bent over weeds!


Fudge I’m really slacking :joy::joy:

June 14th
New Mexico Day
Army Birthday
Flag Day
International Bath Day
Pop Goes the Weasel Day
Strawberry Shortcake Day
Nursing Assistants Week

June 15th
Take Back the Lunch Break Day
Smile Power Day
Photography Day
Flip Flop Day


One thing that would be actually really cool is if someone who has the “one day at a time” book and would volunteer to post the text for each day. I’m in a facebook group where someone does this with the finnish version already, but I’d love to be able to read the original language texts…And the one who did this would only have to take a photo of the page each day…not write the text, just post the picture…wishful thinking…


I’m just going to go ahead and post tomorrowa because I will be working all day!!

June 16th
National FUDGE day

Haha which is hilarious that I used the word fudge in my last post. :joy:


Hmm well I don’t have the book. Lol
I just have a calender full of weird random days to celebrate :joy:


Anyone interested in sharing the daily text???


I do for NA


I was gonna say, a few people do and have in the past but it is a lot to write/keep up with on a daily basis, grab ya one of these apps… https://www.google.com/search?q=daily+reflections+aa+app&oq=daily+reflections+&aqs=chrome.3.69i57j0j5j0.8022j0j4&client=ms-android-att-us&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8


Or u can read em here…


Yeah at this facebook group where I read the text in my language it’s always posted just as a picture so no writing involved…but I agree that it is a hassle…


June 17th
Garbage Man Day
Apple Strudel Day
Eat Your Vegetables Day
Stewart’s Root Beer Day
Cherry Tart Day
Turkey Lovers’ Day
Father’s Day

June 18th
Go Fishing Day
Splurge Day


According to Elvis Duran it’s also national sushi day. Yesterday was my day as I’m still garbage manning lol


And kay got to celebrate turkey lovers day :grin:

Now today…today is my new favorite shit its inspiring, makes me to go buy that shimano baitcast reel I’ve had on the wishlist for a minute otw to go finance a Boston whaler and join the Annapolis yacht club lol


June 19th
Watch Day
Garfield the Cat Day

June 20th
Hike with a Geek Day
American Eagle Day
Ice Cream Soda Day
Vanilla Milkshake Day


June 21st
Selfie Day
Go Skateboarding Day
Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day
Summer Begins


Selfie day? WTF. When’s kissy duck face day?


Wait…I thought that was what selfie meant? U mean I dont hafta look like I smelled a fart while hitting a crack pipe every time I take a picture of myself??? :exploding_head:


I am WAY behind…
Sorry guys.

Today June 26
National chocolate pudding day :slight_smile:


Bill Cosby is smiling from jail


haha yes!!