Odd National Days


This. This is pure gold.


July 2nd

World UFO day.


July 3rd
Fried Clam Day
Eat Your Beans Day
Chocolate Wafer Day

July 4th
Independence Day (USA)
Barbecued Spareribs Day
Caesar Salad Day


I’m sure that you’re just making these up now…cause no one’s gonna call this bluff :wink:


Which one? Haha


Like why would there be a day named for a will smith movie?


Haha tomorrow is the 4th of July. Its a USA holiday.


I know…I was just trying to be funny…


I figured. But this way anyone who sees it will know :joy:


July 3rd- national redneck day


Yes, that’s awesome!


Hell that ones 365 dude, they cant contain us to just one day! Lol


711 Day


July 11th
Cheer Up The Lonely Day
Blueberry Muffin Day
All American Pet Photo Day
7-Eleven Day

I’ve been slacking lately :joy:


July 13th
French Fry Day
Beans ‘N’ Franks Day


Hot, fresh & salty Mickey D’s fries & ice cold coke :pray:t2: my favorite, go to, junk food treat :yum:


Each day you saying something that impresses me!


It’s mutual :hugs:


I know it doesn’t happen every July 13th but u forgot its national “murder horny teenagers while wearing a cloth sack or hockey mask day” …


I was saving that for the nightmare thread :joy: