Odd National Days


This is awesome! Saving it.


July 15th
Give Something Away Day
Tapioca Pudding Day
Ice Cream Day

I feel we need to all celebrate that last one!!


Old-fashioned large pearl tapioca pudding, layered with raspberry jam & fresh whipped cream is my favorite dessert :heart_eyes:


Ohh yum. :heart_eyes:


Ice cream day > cake day


I’m eating frozen grapes for breakfast :joy:


I’ll eat to that!


July 17th
Tattoo Day
Peach Ice Cream Day
Emoji Day


July 16 Buffalo day (716 is Buffalo’s area code and they’re weirdly proud of that here)


Amazon says its prime day so everyone go get all ur pointless shit a few bucks cheaper…
Also DC and the MLB says its all-star day at Nationals Park! Woot woot! :love_you_gesture:


My favorite day of the year.


July 18th
Sour Candy Day


So August 31 is national overdose day. I want to put this out there early so we can get a discussion going and possibly think of something to do.


I agree. We could make a post on say August 1st and keep it going all month.
Have ways to prevent, signs if you are with someone you think is oding, what you can do for them while waiting for the police


Going to the Dogg Haus tonight with my daughter and the grandkids!


Agreed…links on info and videos about how to administer narcan, cpr, and the heimlich maneuver and how to prevent people from aspirating if you think they’re gonna vomit…I’ve had to do all of them at one point or another and it can be the difference between life and death when ur waiting on an ambulance


Oding on different things look different too.
I know when I had alcohol poisoning it would have helped if people knew it was a thing.


July 28 national (or international) chocolate day


July 29, national chicken wings day.


I’ve been so busy I haven’t been keeping up on this :frowning: