Off probation!


Well yeah… lol. Never a bad time for bacon!


Can’t argue that my friend. Although @Yoda-Stevie 's recipe for liquid bacon is going too far.


When it comes to bacon, there is no such thing as “too far”.


I prefer my bacon crispy and dripping with grease


I smoke it on the grill sometimes. The thick-cut, sugar-cured stuff. Cook it low and slow.


I do not have that kind of patience lol. Fry it in a pan, quick and dirty. Put it into my mouth steaming.


I cook it Pounds (with an S) at a time, so it’s worth the wait.


I eat it pounds with an S at a time hahahahaha


Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you.

Celebrate good times come on :musical_note: :notes:


Congratulations girl, that’s awesome news! :muscle::heart:


I carry a machete…


Congrats!! That’s such great news!


Illegal to carry outside of an agricultural setting, here in the Old Dominion. MS-13 has a habit of using them to hack up victims.


Ouch. I could actually start carrying concealed again since I’m sober… from what I hear guns and drugs dont mix well… :crazy_face:


They do not. Really, there’s nothing that “mixes well” with drinking and drugs, that also requires a high degree of responsibility and accountability.


These things include:
Bike riding;
Use of a chainsaw for any purpose.


I would also add getting a bottle cap out of the garbage disposal, and bathing a cat, which is kinda the same thing, results wise.


Talking with the authorities did not mix well with booze




awesome news, Congrats! :pray::+1::clap: