[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


Noticed there’s a huge sci-fi fanbase here and a groovy superhero suggested a dedicated thread. So here’s a place for us to discuss and debate our favorite sci-fi shows and movies.

Supernatural/fantasy series

@Rosey, @Umpf, @HaHaHarley, this threads for you!




Thank you very much !!! Supercool !
Is this UFO that you mentioned ! I want to check it out, original Galactica was cool also.





I’d like to learn to write like the aliens in Arrival. Also, how many pages do you think The Brothers Karamazov would fit into if you wrote it like that?


I think a good master calligraphist could do it.
Imagine Brothers Karamazov in that language, i think its quite complex enough in human laguages :slight_smile:


This is my crew.


I’m not that big on sci-fi but I am a big believer in alien life in our galaxy. My friends thinks it’s crazy but I personally believe the language of the “aliens” will be based in mathematics. Proof of my theory is very simple every country every culture has it’s own way of speaking say hi bye love hate etc but it doesn’t matter where you go in the world this one or beyond 5 plus 5 will always equal 10. The laws of mathematics and science are universal


Awesome thread.

Just finished Altered Carbon, Travellers and Continuum recently. Starting the Expanse.

Been a lover of Sci-Fi since I was a kid. Always been facinated with time travel.


Have not watched Continuum and Travelers but the other two are really good. Altered carbon reminded me on Almost human, shame that it got cancelled.


I haven’t had a chance to watch any yet, but episodes 1-3 of Stargate Origins dropped yesterday. I loved SG-1 and Universe, hoping they didn’t drop the ball on this one.


Yay! Super nerd thread! I’m much more of a fantasy geek but there’s not a lot in visual media. I do love me some sci-fi though.


Stargate movie was big for me , drew it always and tried to make my own language :slight_smile: , gonna check it out !


I love the Stargate movie! Haha, the only thing is that my Dad looked like Spader. Super weird!


Yes. 1969 British tv series. Was supposed to be set in 1980, but all the people were super groovy. Bell-bottom slacks, fly-away collars, Neru jackets mini-skirts and go-go boots.
To these visionaries, there was nothing “PC” about the future. Loved the show.

You can watch the episodes on youtube.


Travelers is awesome! Watched both seasons in 2 days!






I’m not sure what it’s called (though I’m sure it has a name), but I think it’s interesting to think about: that perhaps our assumptions about universality are what keep us from discovering other life. What if it was right under our noses but we cast the universe in such terms that much of it is invisible?