[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


think I’ll binge that tonight after my kid goes to bed…


Binge with caution…LOL…I had to force myself to shut it off!!


hahaha thanks for the warning. I could probably stay up all night too. Seeing as I went to bed at 6 last night and had a 4 hr nap today. Shit I didnt realize how sleep deprived I’ve been this week! Anyway I digress. I’ll procede with mild caution. :wink:


4 hour nap? Sweet! Gave yourself a big hug there!


A borderline make out sesh…muahaha


I’ve been told by some old timers that a nap is as good as two meetings. I have no idea where in the hell they got it from, but I certainly try to take that suggestion lol.


I’m on episode 4 of Season 1 of “The Magicians”, omgosh…so good! I saw y’all talking about it and had to try it out!

@Rosey @Bill_Phillips



Awesome! It seriously keeps getting better!


Oh gosh, I’m so excited!


I’ve never been to a meeting, so I cannot testify to the voracity of that statement. I do take regular naps though, and can testify that naps are hugs we give to ourselves. Be good to yourself: take a nap.


Netflix added “the lost boys” today. Been a looooong time since I’ve seen it, so tonight I will get into movie mode with la Croix and chili cheese fritos! @MissMetal did you finish season 1 yet?



Yes! I’m on episode 2 of season 2 now! It’s soo good! I haven’t seen The Lost Boys in a few years, it was for rent on iTunes the other day, but now that I know it’s on Netflix, I’ll watch it on there!


Started watching “dark”. Its a syfy thriller that is actually pretty good. Netflix has started production on a second season.


Not sure if this is 100% on topic, but it seems like the right crowd to ask. Anyone remember Infocom? The best part of The Martian was (other than, “I’m gonna science the shit outta this”) was referencing two of Infocom’s games. :nerd_face::rofl:


I don’t remember, but I wasn’t much into games. I did get hooked on Interplay’s Dragon Wars, back in the early 90’s, the first editions of Doom and Quake a bit later, but I’m still not big on games. I kinda missed the transition from arcade to console to pc and systems. Was too busy being a professional warrior back then. Guess when you get to play with the real stuff that goes bang and boom, the games just don’t measure up, for me at least. My daughter is into skyrim, minecraft and pokemon go. If I have some down time, I take a nap, or read a dead tree book, or listen to a podcast.


I don’t do much if anything in the area of games. My son plays all sorts of games with his friends. When I was a teen, we played dungeon and dragons and if i do play on the xbox it’s usually soccer or golf. You could start a geeks gaming thread :laughing:


Yeah I’m hooked on it already! Just started the second episode. I knew if you liked it I probably would as well. Love shows that make me think “wtf is going on!?” Dark is def one of those. Thanks for the recommendation.


Yeah, it is a weird show that def makes you think! It gets even crazier!


So I finished “Dark” and I moved over to “Haven”, it is based around Maine demographics and filmed in Nova Scotia so I will try not to be bias when I review it after a couple episodes :slight_smile:


Got “Haven” today from the library. Haven’t started it yet. Gonna finish “Lexx” first. :nerd_face::metal: