[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


Loved that show!


Loved Lexx.


Haven is getting wierd…I like wierd!


Well I get to be a geek at work and catch up on Haven overnight while I wait for for diehards to come to the gym at 4 am.


I’m watching Requiem right now. So interesting!
@Bill_Phillips just finished dark the other day. SOOOO good! I can’t wait for season 2


I am going to watch thr film 'silent running’tonight …I remember watching it as a kid with my dad


Yes it was! Requiem is in my queue! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Watched the movie" Tale of tales"…good stuff!


ok Requiem was super interesting but freaky as all hell! Literally. After finishing it the other night I had a hard time getting to sleep and kind of regretted watching it. It was quite evil and spiritual and I don’t f@ck with that shit. Too real imo. ANYWAY that being said I couldn’t stop watching it despite all of that and I still have a hard time looking in mirrors. (Which can be a problem since I’m literally surrounded by them at work!) shudder
I have a feeling you’ll like it.


maybe I’ll check that one out today at nap time…


Nap time. Our new happy hour.


Ok now I am afraid to watch Requiem :open_mouth:

I started with Lost in Space on Netflix. It somehow is boring :expressionless:


I didn’t care for lost in space


The original series from the 1950’s or the movie from early 2000’s


The series on Netflix that just started.


Same! Could not get into it and left it playing after 5 mins to do chores. Thats how bad it was…I preferred chores over it.


a-fricken-men brother!
Another t shirt i needs: Naps are f@cking rad





oh that one is number one! Once I get it made I’ll post pics. EVERYONE will want one! :wink: hahaha


Ever notice how all of life’s troubles started, when we stopped talking naps? Naps are so much better than drinking. Neither really solves the actual problem, but you wake up feeling better, and not broke or in handcuffs