[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


I love the actress Krysten Ritter…but I have failed to start it. Maybe I should just do it!!!


It starts off kinda slow, and I was ready to bail on the show, but it gets really good. Jessica Jones is an alcoholic with super powers, and all of the human dysfunction you’d expect.


That’s funny…she played an alcoholic roommate in a really funny sitcom which is when I first saw her. Wonder why that seems to be a role she embraces. I may need to resort to the powers of Google to find out her personal story.


So Netflix, amazon and hulu need to step up their sci/fi game. I mean, I cant wait for travelers, altered carbon and the others without some sort of fix. I have literally blown through every series I can find. Although, I am taking a liken to Jessica Jones, so thanks @Yoda-Stevie for that recommendation.


Majorly stoked: Babylon 5 is now on Amazon Prime. Had this on my watch list for years, waiting for it to move to prime as I wasn’t willing to pay $1.99 per episode. Now I have my summer watching all set.




I recently rewatched The Thirteenth Floor. I’d forgotten how cool it was! :sunglasses:


I’m a big fan of Tron: Legacy. It dawned on me that I’d never seen the original Tron in it’s entirety. So that is my Saturday night.
Did you know when they made this, it took the computer 30 minutes to render one frame? CGI has come a long way…


Ohhh man. Can’t believe I missed this thread.
I just re-watched star trek. In chronological order of time lines. Including movies.
Watched all of the Star wars movies, since the newest one is streaming now.
Watching an episode of Harry potter per week with the older nephew.
I just finished reading a book series called 'Caverns and Creatures '. It was light, and funny. Swords, sorcery, dick jokes.
My nephew has me reading the Magnus Chase series right now. Gods, and guardians. Pretty fun, so far.


I just started the series “human”…loving it so far! @Rosey I think you’d like it if you haven’t watched it already


Not “being human” is it? I watched a few of those mid seasons but never got into it… Haven’t heard of “human”


Yeah, I’ve seen not human. This one is different. It’s on prime.


aahhh. I shall have to watch it then. Your recommendations have never steered me wrong. I just finished The Fall and before that The Sinner. Both twisted but super good. Just started Kiss Me First. Seems interesting so far. I’ll have to keep you posted.


I’ll ave to check those out!


Babylon5 is on Prime!


Watching district 9


Watching village of the damned which also happens to be Christopher Reeves last movie where he could walk.


Watching Extinction on Netflix. Really good Scifi


I’'l have to check it out!


Just watched that! It was Actually pretty good. I was a little surprised