[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


And you are right. The answer is right under our noses hidden in plain sight. Look at the pyramids of Egypt just as one of hundreds of examples. In perfect astrological alignment with orions belt. There are nothing but a coded inside of a code inside of an enigma. All in foundation in math. Its mind boggling to think of what kind of ancient technology they had and the understanding of things they had that has been lost in time.


Started watching , a perfect joke at the start.
Have you tried the voice print ?
Yes,it recognized me as a female technician from Dublin.
And i wouldnt be alive if i didnt say it, clothing style for women appeals to me more than the one of today.


Well, dawg – you ran with that one! I was just thinking like what if they are impossible to perceive because their fingerprints are inconceivable to us?

But hey, as long as there might be mystery, it’s fun to imagine all sorts of possibilities.


Sorry didn’t mean to go off the rails with it. I’ve done some light research on the topic and it’s crazy when you start peeling back the layers.


Yeah, I’m in the same boat as you. I feel the same way about religious stuff too. I thinks there are so many things we can’t understand or comprehend because our brains are set to operate in a certain fashion. It may be that there is some kind of cosmic connection to so many things we take for granted. The crazy thunderstorm that just swept across the city in the middle of February? Could be just that, or it could be something we will never understand (not global warming😛).


It’s all good and it’s all speculation. Nothing to be sorry about. There are no rails:):slight_smile:


Thank you. Most people look at me like what are you talking about. To put it mildly I view things around me very differently and process information differently. In one hand I can find unorthodox solutions to a lot of problems however I can’t seem to fix simple problems in my own life. Which is a huge reason why I had relapsed 6 times before I finally made it to where I am now.


Yes🤣 I think a lot of us have a variety of not-fitting-in psyche. And what a kick ass thing that among each other, thay very feeling is (or CAN be) turned on its head!


Man its crazy to kill yourself with drugs and booze, thinking about alien life is just thinking. We all have our view points and beliefs, also you can think about something and not belive it exist at the same time.

Got an idea from a post
If alchohol gets in the way of your life ditch it , if aliens get in the way ditch em too.
Sci fi shows books and stuff help me but i liked sci fi before i needed help so it should be a source of positive vibes thinking and stuff. :slight_smile:


This is my like. (Apparently I maxed out and was told to wait an hour. About 40 minutes ago. Now it says wait 58 minutes.)

Aliens are in my phone!



Voyage to the bottom of the sea. Late 1960’s. Was like Star Trek under the ocean. Special effects were about the same.



Ultraman. 1960s and 1970s Japanese scifi series. Dudes in rubber suits fighting each other. If one looked closely, many of the villainous monsters were recycled from other “ToHo Vision” monster movies, like Godzilla, Gamera, and Monster Zero"


Haha…I remember that!


WSBK 56 TV out of Boston or UPN 20 TV out of DC? Those are the markets that carried Ultraman in the US, back in the day.


It was on UPN 5 in Portland, Me, if memory serves me right, which often times it doesnt.


Makes sense UPN affiliates would share. WSBK was home if “Creature Double Feature”. Show was produced in Boston, but shared with affiliate in Philadelphia. Saturday afternoons. Ran an oldschool American horror movie like “I was a teenage wearwolf” or “Attack of the Giant Shrews”, and then a Japanese “ToHo Vision” giant monster movie. Great days to be a kid, 70s and 80s.


Battle Beyond The Stars 1980s remake of the 1960s western The Magnificent 7, which itself was a remake of the early 60s Kirasawa movie, the Seven Samurai. What was cool about Battle Beyond The Stars was Robert Vaughn played the exact same character as he did in the Magnificent 7.


Agreed! That was a great time. I remember I would he so excited for saturday morning cartoons and a bowl of sir grapefellow.


For me, it was Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. On weekday afternoons WSBK would run Japanese Anime. Starblazers and Force Five or the Thunderbirds. I would watch it while folding my newspapers, getting ready to hit my route. Local PBS ran Dr. Who from back in the 50’s and 60’s in the evening.


Loved that show. Firefly was canceled way too soon. Did you like the movie? I thought they did a good job tying up the loose ends. Hated what happened to Wash.