[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


Old school Dr. Who was the best. I actually still watch it on occasion.


It made me so sad that he died!!! :sob: I loved Wash!!! But yeah I really liked the film. I know a lot of people don’t. Just not that part!!!


My favorite episode is the one where Jane is a mythic hero on the mud planet.


:astonished: my people!!


oh my God I love this thread so much! you guys are my people!
PS @Yoda-Stevie I LOVED Firefly as well and was so sad when it got canceled. What a horrible move I thought. I would have been faithful to the end. Smh


I love it when Simon is looking at the statue of him and says “this must be what going crazy feels like” lol


I’m more into gaming than TV, and Mass Effect series has been truly amazing to play. Still remember many of the moments from them. P&P roleplaying in sci-fi worlds is super fun too because it does give more possibilities imagination wise.


If Game of Thrones counts as Sci-fi then I can talk for DAYS . Best show ever made!


Now you’re just getting me all excited for Ready Player One.


Dr Who is amazing, but was really hard when David Tennant regenerated , i really liked him !
The new Star Trek Discovery was well desereved after,in my opinion,a crappy Enterprise


David Tennant was the best doctor! But I must admit Matt Smith won my heart pretty quickly. I was REALLY disappointed in Peter Capaldi. He was too grumpy. The doctor is child like and carefree and whimsical. Made me sad and miss Matt.


Spot on, i do like Capaldi but the series got a bit darker somehow,not the ussual dark but … Wibbly wobbly time thingy


I actually liked Enterprise. I thought they did a pretty good job of reconciling with The Original Series. TNG, DS9, Voyager, all had the luxury of coming after ToS, so they had more freedom to “build ON something”. Enterprise had to start from zero, and “build TO something”. Much more restrictive if you ask me, because Star Trek fans demand orthodoxy when it comes to “Canon Law”.

I especially liked how Enterprise dealt with the Vulcans, and the Andorians. Their take on the ToS “Mirror Darkly” episodes was genius, IMHO.


haha exactly. Too dark. And I still miss Matt. Humf (arms folded, pout inserted here)


Ok…I do like the “new Doctors” since the series was relaunched in the 2000’s, especially David Eccelston and those who have come since…but whose the “best”? For me it will be Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor. No question for me.

Since the TV series was actually launched the year I was born, I’ve always connected whichever Doctor was present during those pivotal periods of my live. I am sure that is the same for every fan. So for me, it will always be Tom Baker. I came of age in the 1980’s, and Tom Baker was right there with me.



I was bummed when they canceled Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Summer Glau is a great actress, and can’t catch a break.


You know what, i will rewatch Enterprise.
Never saw the original Doctor Who series , that will be ony list. Sarrah Connor i didnt watch, is it better than what wad Caprica for Galactica ?


I didn’t care for Caprica at all. Took them too long to connect to BSG. Sarah Conner Chronicles had all kinds of connections to T2, the point where the story picks up.

I thought DS9 was the weakest of the Star Trek spin-offs, because for most of it they are stuck on a station that doesn’t go anywhere. Wasn’t until the whole war with the Dominion story arch that it rose to the same level as the other series. But I still watched it.


I found the pilot/1st episode on YouTube not long ago and tried to watch it - such terrible effects and acting, but it was fun to reminisce.


Pilot to what?