[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


True, i liked DS9 but not as nearly as TNG or Voyager.
I cant say that Voyager is better but i really really liked the concept of being stranded in the Delta Q. Survival and journey home.


Ah…Ultra Man. Yes, terrible special effects. Guys in rubber suits fighting guys in other rubber suits. But to this kid, it was pure gold. When we lived in Japan, my son discovered it on the Japanese TV channels (the armed forces network on had one channel). We lived off-base in the community, so no American cable. He absolutely LOVED Ultra Man. You could get the toys in the off-base toy stores. When he moved back to the states, he was the kid with all the really cool Ultra Man toys. Still loves the show. Bought the entire English version on DVD. Now he and my daughter watch it together. Magic passed from father to son, brother to sister.


True. I’m sure that -if we make contact one day- the first communication will be math-based.


I had athe huge crush on J. Spader after that movie :heart_eyes:


I’m a huuuuge scifi fan, at work they just call me Spock (although I’m female lol).
I’ve watched everything from Star Trek, love documentaries about everything Alien or Space related.
One day I want to visit Peru (Puma Punku) to see that with my own eyes.


yes, I was replying to the Ultra Man post…


I grew up watching the original series when Leonard nimoy died I went on this crazy binge and rewatched the whole series in a week. I’m also a huge fan of the next generation!
And then Carrie fisher died!!! (I know star trek and star wars are different but I grew up on both) I was so heart broken!!!


Yeah the death of both of them really hit me :frowning: I was just like “WTF why Leonard why did you die??? You can not just die like that!!!”


Favorite show as a kid was ‘Lost in Space’! I loved it - saw every episode. Had a crush on Judy.


Same here. How bout that green chick with the salad bowl on her head, who had a crush on Dr. Smith?


And I also had a “Major Matt Mason” action figure (doll) and a bunch of accessories.


Brother…I had him too! Was super bummed when the wire in his arms and legs that held the poses broke from metal fatigue. Had Billy Blastoff too, and when I was a bit older, Micronauts. When all the kids were raging for starwars figures, I was solidly Mego Star Trek action figures. Had the Enterprise bridge, all the major characters, the Klingon and the Gorn.


This reminds me of power rangers!


Oh, many shows that i havent watched mentioned here, i know about them but never got to it and the list grows bigger and bigger :slight_smile:
Did anyone like reading fiction novels like Stanger in a strange world, Foundation(my super fav), Neuromancer(my fav) … So many good ones,


I’ve read every book Robert Heinlein ever wrote. Starship Troopers and Orphans of the Sky are my favs.

Also, I loved the Seafort Saga.And S.M. Sterlings Dies the Fire and Emberverse series.


I read only Stranger in a strange world from him, they were all prolific writers and i hope i continue reading.
Isac Asimov Foundation series are amazing. What about Forever war, i felt quite sad trough it all, but really i wish i had the benefit of reading them in the time they were written for, somehow today everytging is watered down ( i dont know, just a feeling)


The Foundation books are tied with two Ursula K. Le Guin books for my favorite sci-fi. I don’t have a huge list of sci-fi that I’ve read. I read a TON of fantasy.


You should check out Sterlings “DIes the Fire” and “Emberverse” series. More fantasy than sci-fi. I enjoyed them, especially the Nantucket series, because of my love of History. It’s about an event that throws the island 3500 years in the past, and how the people deal with Incas, Proto-celts, Babylonians. Hitites, Egyptians…all of the civilizations that existed at the time. Then in the Emberverse, it’s flipped. At the same moment modern Nantucket disappears, a 3500 year old Nantucket appears in the present, and all modern technology quits working. The world become Medievil in an instant.


Got Dies the fire.
Last thing fantasy i read was Republic of thieves by Scot Lynch and i liked it, Gentleman bastards. Yeah.


Ok I thought I liked sci-fi but I am feeling like a newb. Contact, Interstellar – stuff like that – is that too mainstream? :joy: