[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


Are all those plots books in “The Change” series?


Haahahahah, nah man we just got into this, stevie has a lot of exp so i value his sugestions (i think @Yoda-Stevie is the Doctor or the Master :slight_smile: )

Man contact , i saw it in the theater as a kid it was awesome, never saw it again.You reminded me on The arrival !


You saw Contact as a kid. Yikes. Thanks, bruh. :rofl:

Yknow I love the genre, but so many things in the sci-fi category aren’t my cup of tea. I think I like sci-fi thay is more of the sense of humans plugging along in regular life, then shit takes a turn.

Ive tried Dr Who several times and can’t get past “purty good”.


Expanse is amazing. Looks beautiful.


Is that on prime?


Its an amazing show The Expanse , i really liked it, Mars Rules :slight_smile: you have it on netflix


Yeah , i think about 10 yrs old .
Its a big world out there , no genre could be the only one for me, but sci fi is vwry special to me :slight_smile:


Word life, bird knife.


Yes, collectively it’s “The Change”


Sweet! Thanks!


Started also watching Travelers,looks nice but ultimate time travel done in 12 Monkeys movie for me


Nerds unite! LOVE this. Not sure if I qualify BUT I am into cosplay and comic-con and gaming. Going to Wondercon in March. Whaaaat.


Those are some serious geek creds there, like SEAL Team Six geekness. Welcome to the thread!


Yes!!! I am in! Lol.


Hahaha Seal team six geekness ! Used to be a gamer ,witcher series was the last thing i played, for me games coming out now are visualy amazing but narrative is kinda watered down(i played rpgs mostly), cannot compare to Planescape,Arcanum, Fallout had an awesome story … What do you play ?


Old school gaming: Interplay’s Dragon Wars. Played this in 1992 on my IBM 486.


Mostly rpgs. Currently hooked on skyrim and breath of the wild. But I like unusual games too that I find on Steam. Lots of rpg throwbacks on there. I thought oxenfree was a pretty cool one if anyone has played that. Super short, but cool concept.


It’s on Netflix in the UK. Worth the 5.99 a month just for that.


Marry me! :heart_eyes::joy:


Lol! :rofl: