[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


Been playing elder scrolls games for about 10 years now. A couple months ago I found Oblivion for PS3, $10! Been playing that in my spare time. Such a great game, even if the graphics do feel dated after playing things like Skyrim.


Nice! I still have my morrowind game too from forever ago. I didn’t get it when it was on pc…pretty sure it was xbox. Such a good game :+1:

I’ve found it really helps with cravings, plus playing video games drunk and then not remembering what the hell I did the next day is no bueno.


Okay, this isn’t official geek business, but it has to go somewhere…

Has anyone seen this preview for a movie called… THE HURRICANE HEIST??? WHHAAAAAATTT??? Haha, sorry, third time I’ve seen it and it looks absolutely ridiculous! Running out of interesting ideas in Hollywood anyone?


They’ll just put some sharks in it for the sequel “Hurricane Heist: This time there’s Sharks!”. Then there’ll be a disaster move where a volcano is erupting sharks, called “Sharkano”. Both will star Steven Seagal. Like that dude puts out 30 movies a year or something.


One of my favorites at work (we love to name or rename movies) is Taken 3: Quit Taking Me! Haha, haven’t gotten around to naming the series. But seriously, a car heist movie where they used a hurricane to help them steal cars? I think Sharknado is more plausible!


Hahahaah Sharkano !
TAKEN 4 Hurricane took my daughter and my money
I saw the trailer after i read your posts , image in my mind Liam making threats to the sky and some sharks flying arround




Just watched the last episode of Britannia. Hope there is a 2nd season. More fantasy than anything else, but the storyline is very engaging.


Lool :joy::+1: Either sharks or aligators or a white whale :joy:


Or clowns riding giant spiders.


Man, that would be the scariest thing ever, i am quite afraid of spiders and bloody hate clowns.


So I really have no reason for not being able to sleep. Someone mentioned I might like the Walking Dead…Well, it’s 4:30 am and I’m on episode 5 season 2! I could have shut it off but decided that I really have nothing to do tomorrow (well today), so I can sleep anytime.


Walking dead is really good, great characters and i just love zombie apocalypse scenario …


I love this series too, never get’s boring


I think i love the genre cause in them you are somehow forced to do things that you normaly wouldnt ( i dont mean r*pe,murder,eat people and stuff), kinda survival and starting new, cause i think this civ needs a fresh start :wink:


Just had dinner and now I’ll watch 2001 - A Space Odyssey :green_heart: Old but gold!


“Open the pod bay doors Hal…”

“I’m sorry, Dave. I can’t do that right now”

One of my all-time favs. Enjoyed 2010 too. Have you read all the books in the series?


No never read the books. And I never watched both movies completely, only pieces of it.


I would highly recommend that you do. So much more detail in the books, and this really brings the films into deep focus.


Has anyone seen Black Panther yet? It’s getting quite the reviews!