[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


Went opening night. I thought it was really solid. My wife wasn’t excited about it and came away thinking it was one of her favorite Marvel films.


Yeah, it seems to be living up to the hype!


2001 done. Now I’ll watch 2010 too :star_struck:
I’m picking up my ordered cook-book tomorrow at the book store, will have a look if they have the 2001 and 2010 books too


You’ll love the fact that there’s more books than films. There’s 2061, and 3001 too, so you get to see how the saga ends. 2061 was actually my favorite.


Woah exciting!!


Welcome to old-school geekdom.


I saw the trailer several weeks ago and thought it looked sucky. I was shocked when I read how well it’s been doing. Now I have to see it, lol.


Watched one episode of Misfits, … 3rd season now… Super fun …great take on powers … Lactokinesis


That’s on hulu…right.


I watch it on Netflix .


Sweet…I got rid of Hulu. I did like the show freakish, but other than that and a couple others, it wasn’t worth having it anymore.


Was never big on this,never had any time really,being shitfaced and all. Netflix is really good , has some great shows for my taste… Misfits are great, The Expanse, Altered Carbon, Star Trek Discovery … Have no idea about other providers…never used any of them …


It’s not on my Netflix!


Man really ? Am i trippin balls right now :slight_smile: Have no idea how netflix works but i tought its everywhere the same. Like im in Montenegro and we are geoblocked as !"$


I guess it use to be on Netflix in the states, but channel 4 pulled it from that platform. I just looked it up to see what the deal was. It was a while ago. I just started the “glitch”, I’ll post my thoughts on that after a few episodes.


Does anyone watch maybe Stagmer brothers blacksmith channel on you tube Man at arms Reforged ?


Any thoughts on Sense8, I’m having troubles getting into it. Perhaps it picks up later in the series.


Some friends told me about it, but just never found the will to get into it, also these days have been and are busy hard and tough so i just go to sleep with Voyager :slight_smile:



Two words.
Event Horizon



Good idea! I’ll watch it again today too. Love it