[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


Don’t forget the popcorn :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I have no popcorn :sob: But giabatta and aioli from yesterday :smirk:


What about inbetween? I’m desperately searching for something new after blowing through all 7 seasons of the walking dead in 8 days!


The Fly. Perfect combination of SciFi and Horror.



@Twowaymirror time for Event Horizon :smiling_imp:


I liked season 1 of Fortitude.


Man try Misfits or The Expanse , I like them a lot.

Event Horizon boom , i liked ot so muchhhhh
Dark city anyone ?


Expanse looks cool man!


I like everything about it , only one thing i bloody hate, no more episodes … !!!

Like the Martians who never saw the earth sky live , or the ocean, in my opinion even if we colonized the entire galaxy we would bring our sh#t to the table …

God please send skynet or space pirates to unite us !


Love that set up!!!


There is no Expanse or Misfits on the US Netflix! I call bullshit!


have you seen Helix? That’s a good one! But only 2 seasons :pensive: Sense8 was pretty good but I can see where you’re coming from…a few things i didn’t like about it.


I’ve not seen Helix. I’m Netflix now so I’ll check it out.


I binged it a few years ago. Loved it! I was sad when it was over.


Hemlock grove was a good one too…if you like the vampire/ werewolf genre


I do, I do like vampire/werewolf genres! Thanks. I just started helix…


I wish they would have made a third season of helix. There was even a petition out for it. (≧∇≦)


I would’ve signed it! Lol I was left wanting more for sure


Has anyone read Finger prints of the gods"?


Funny story about that! I was once talking with a woman from Russia and started talking about The Brothers Karamazov. She remarked, “Oh! You speak Russian!” I said, “Oh. Nope.” Then she said, “Well then you aren’t really reading Dostoevsky then.”

Youch. Whoa K.