[Off Topic] Geeks Assemble! SciFi Thread


Ahhaahahahahah a good one :slight_smile:
My father told me something similar ,in my opinion its best to read in original language but man who will learn it all.

The book of five rings -Japanese
Art or War -Chinese
And so on…


Helix was cool :slight_smile: but i needed moreeee
I watch iZombie from time to time.

@Bill_Phillips Mannnn bullshit !!! That sucks, ok for Misfits but The Expanse …

Carbon Black?


Yeah it does! If you m5ean altered carbon then yes, I flew through that one. Same for the travelers. Only problem with binge watching those shows is having to wait so long for new season.


travelers was great. Still working on altered carbon. Man we seriously have the same taste in shows! How are you liking Helix?


Yes we do! I’m currently watching episode 6, season one. It’s picking up speed!


I suppose it was a bit of a slow start, but enough t keep you watching. By the end you wish there was more.


Yeah, I usually can tell if I start watching something new and fall asleep, that I may not be into it. Since episode 3 I can’t sleep unless I shut it off. The opening theme music makes me want to do the cha’cha"…lol.


Hahaha I grew to love that music!


Guys , i loved Farscape and there is a lot of it so while waiting for new episodes or something if you didnt see it…

It was awesome for me :slight_smile:


I liked the bossy little puppet guy with the bad gas.


Going to watch Annihilation today, really curious about that movie!


Let us know how it is! It’s on my list.


The movie is awesome! I can’t really describe it bc my english is way too bad for that…for me it’s a “must-see”.


Anyone here a Lexx fan? I liked the first couple seasons, but never finished it out.


Ahhaahha, when they switched bodies , it was hillarious :slight_smile: , i loved the blue lady, humanoid plant priestess who does fotosintesis , an awesome idea for a character !
Anihilation poped up , maybe try tonight.

Never heard about Lexx ?


I think you’d like it.


Just stumbled upon and watched the “Kingsman: the secret service”. Not heavy on the syfy part (think James Bond), but it was very entertaining!


Now taking a 2 day break from Helix and giving “The magicians” a shot.


Checked out Lexx first ep. will need a bit more sobriety time under my belt to watch it, it freaked me out :slight_smile: ,my mind is still jelo :slight_smile:

Watched Anihilation wit natalie portman, kinda nice, i liked the point a lot.


The second Kingsman movie is one of the best, funniest spy type movies I’ve ever seen! Sir Elton and Julian Moore had me nearly pissing myself I was laughing so hard! I’m gonna have to get it back from my neighbor and watch it this weekend.