Oh boi guess a spotted pattern?¿

So I’ve been on this app for Idk Some time and I guess my average relapse is after 4 days?
So today is the 4th day and i feel the need again to harm myself. I guess 4 days is the average for a wound to heal the most part and i always feel the need to have some open cuts on my body¿

A big problem is boredom still. I’ve found a new song to play on the keyboard (Wii theme music haha yes ) but I still need to get into learning it.

Anyone have advice to stop feeling the need for open wounds? Also, I wish y’all a great day!

As far as addiction advice, most of what’s said about alcohol and drug and sex addiction here on the forums also applies as helpful advice for self harm, and it would be a bit much for me to repeat or link all that here.

But I will answer your specific question about wanting to always have the feeling of an active wound because that’s something I’ve struggled with for years.

The physical side: you need to learn to be okay with not feeling it in the same way as you need to stop scratching an itch if you want it to heal faster.

The emotional side: if you feel the need to always have a wound for emotional reasons, it’s important to anticipate your emotions as best you can, and try to address it before it gets bad. Lean heavily on your coping methods and talk to someone first before you think you’re about to do it.

In the event you just are unable to regain sober thought and are going to do something, mitigate the harm. A friend of mine started snapping himself with an elastic band to experience pain without a blade. He then moved on to chewing ice, which gave him the distraction and stimulation he was seeking. Best if you can put on the brakes before you get to this state though.

I think hobbies are a great way to distract yourself and if you can focus on keeping yourself busy and doing things you enjoy when day 4 comes around, you might have more success resisting the temptation.


Do you see a professional therapist or doctor about your self harm? They can help you stop too and may be able to refer you to more resources to help you stop self harm.

I’m going into therapy soon ( like they’re still looking for the problem and fitting therapy)

That is great to hear. Professionals have been the people who have helped me with my self harm addiction the most. That and telling someone when I feel tempted to self harm.